Dual Monitor Issue

Hey folks. Having a problem that my google-fu can't track down the answers to, so I thought I'd turn to the experts.

I just bought a Radeon R7770 video card. It's an XFX branded one, marked as "Super Overclocked" or some such nonsense. What this one seems to have over other 7770s is a second DVI port underneath the first set of ports. The card works great, and with the new widescreen monitor I purchased, I'm very happy with the results. Except, I can't get the computer to recognize a second monitor.

I've tried the upper DVI port with three different monitors, with different combinations of cables and adapters (I don't have a DVI cable lying around the house and the monitor didn't come with one, strangely) and it works fine. But the same arrangements of monitors/cables/adapters on the bottom DVI port get no signal. Detecting the displays still just shows the one primary monitor, and if there's not one plugged into the top port, I get no picture whatsoever.

Thoughts? I'm running the Catalyst 12.7 beta drivers, and can provide any other technical information you might need. Thanks!

So, in the control panel in the catalyst software there's no option to look at multiple displays? What about windows device manager? Does that detect the second display? Or even right clicking on the desktop and going through the display resolutions and monitor set up that way?

Basically, with this level of information there's two outcomes:

1. Your bottom DVI port is screwed
2. Your bottom DVI port is set to "off" or "do not detect"

2 is solvable with a bit of digging and work 1 is not. :/

The support tech finally got back to me and said it's because the bottom DVI port is a DVI-D port and won't accept a VGA monitor through a DVI/VGA adaptor. So, a DVI cable is en-route (no idea why this Lenovo monitor didn't come with a DVI cable) and I'm hoping he's right because, yeah, Duoae, your way doesn't sound too fun.

I may have skimmed too much. Did you use the bottom DVI port with your primary monitor and with nothing plugged in to the top DVI port on the card?

Edit: I'm just wondering if you did this to test if the bottom DVI port is working on the card. With AMD cards, it doesn't matter which DVI port is used for primary or secondary monitors.

Yeah, it was as simple as getting a DVI-D cable and using the new monitor on the bottom input. Running SWTOR at max settings and looking at GWJ as we speak!

Very cool!

Cool! Glad you got it sorted out!