Replacing desktop with laptop

In a move from Chicago to Seattle I'm contemplating downsizing from my desktop to a laptop and still be able to do some gaming. I know, gaming and laptops are an oxymoron but bear with me.

I have a 2500k w/ 16gb but am still rocking a 260gtx. I've been happy enough with its performance that I haven't upgraded graphics cards in nearly four years.

I have a Lenovo W510 for work and am particularly happy with the 1080p screen on a laptop. I enjoy a variety of games so I don't need a crazy mobile dual gpu solution. The most taxing gaming activity I can think of is emulating Wii and PS2.

Does anyone have any experience replacing their desktop with a comparable laptop, or at least one that makes you as happy?

I recently picked up an MSI from Pro-Star and I couldn't be happier, for 1300 you can get a lot of bang for your buck. I'm able to play pretty much all the modern games at the highest qualities without problems. It's got an i7 and an nVidia GTX 570M, plus about 16GB of ram. Definitely a good replacement for a desktop as far as I'm concerned.

Pro-Star doesn't have the cache' that places like Falcon and Alienware might have, but after doing a TON of research (there were spreadsheets involved) I'm convinced it's the best deal for a lot of power. Especially if you don't mind a rebranded MSI.

Playing on the couch > 10 more FPS. Go for it, I've been main machine laptop for at least five years now.

Thanks for the replies. I'm going back and forth on what to do but I still have at least three weeks until I need to start thinking about it.

I have to be honest that the main reason this came up is because we will have a lot less space than we have now, from 1,100sqft to 650sqft, and the PC will be in the living room area. A smaller desk, and a more discrete setup, is desirable. I have a 24" HP and will invest in a good wireless kb/mouse combo.

A couple options I am contemplating:
- Lenovo x220/x230 w/ eGPU
- Sager 15.6 w/ 650m
- Lenovo t420 w/ whatever discrete gpu option

None of the laptops can compare to a 2500k (overclockable to 4.5ghz), unless I'm misinformed. GPU also appears to be tough to compare to 260gtx - a 670m appears to be comparable to a 260gtx (

While I appear to have plenty of indecisiveness, perhaps this research can help others here as well.