Need help trying to find an amplifier

I've a little project going on where I need to wire several rooms for sound.

The concept is that there's a small panel in the room which has the following:

- on/off switch
- 3.5 mm socket (for plugging in the sound source - iPod, computer, whatever)
- volume control

There are also speakers in the room. Most of the rooms will be wired stereo only, but one is going to be 5.1 surround.

Between the panel and the speakers there needs to be an amplifier that can be controlled using the switches on the panel. So I need to be able to turn the amplifier on and off remotely. Provided the amplifier has a physical on/off switch I'm happy just turning the power outlet on/off but I'd rather control the amplifier directly. I also need to be able to control the volume remotely as well.

The amplifier is going to be hidden away and will not be easily accessed. I'd also like it to be as small as possible with little or no fan noise.

I'm not adverse to doing a little "hobbying" to make this work, but rather not.

Anyone come across anything that might work?