New mouse help...

Puce Moose wrote:

I've read reports that the G400 suffers from weak cable constructions (not sure if it's true or not), so I've routed it around my desk in a way to minimize its movement/compression/etc. I've used it for about three months now and am quite happy with it.

I've read those same reports. It is true. The cord is noticeably thinner than those of other Logitech mice. It's a less robust cable which would make it more susceptible to fraying if the cord were to constantly rub against the edge of a desk. I've owned my G400 for around ten months now without any cable management and I have not experience any cable fraying. So, true it may be, but it's still not all that likely unless the surface is overly rough and the cord has a degree of restriction on it's movement.

I decided to take a chance on this Anker Gaming Mouse. Only 1 review less than 4-stars so far, out of 83 at Amazon. I know it's fairly new, but seems worth a try. Had some gift card money so it was a bit cheaper for me. Not sure I want to spend $40, but heck it seems to have features of some of the $60+ mice out there (9 buttons, weights, etc). Don't think I saw anything else for $50 or less with more than 7 buttons.

Never had a "gaming mouse", just simple 3-button things with scroll wheels. I was tempted to get a Cooler Master for $20, that apparently is a really great 5-button low end gaming mouse, but saw some posts on their forums about an incompatibility with Ventrillo and Mumble, so that seems like a deal-breaker.

Just got a G400 to replace my MX518, which was starting to lose clicks and drags and generally act up intermittently.
I miss the distressed metal look, and while it looks exactly like the 518, it feels slightly different, somehow. Maybe it's the change to a less smooth material for where your hand rests. I also am having trouble getting the cursor to be exactly the same speed as it was before I swapped the two out.

Newegg had a $20 off deal, and I had $30 in credit, so I got a $50 replacement mouse for 30 Newegg-bucks. Not bad, and I haven't had any click-drags get dropped in the last day, so I'm mostly happy.
I do miss my 518, though.

Does anyone have experience with ROCCAT mice? I'm going to be in the market for a fancy shmancy mouse soon and this one popped up on the radar.

Piggybacking this thread: Looking for a wireless mouse to use with my Lenovo Yoga on the road. I had one of the flip open MS Mice that I'd gotten cheap on a sale a long time ago, but it disappeared somewhere recently while traveling.

I like Logitech stuff in general, but was trying to see if there was a reasonably priced bluetooth based mouse out there that didn't require a dongle like most of the Logitech mice do. I only have a couple of USB ports on this ultrabook, and hate to waste one on a mouse, or push myself to using a hub if I want to use a mouse.

If not, I'll cave and pick up a Logitech, but just wanted to see if there were any options I hadn't seen. I've seen the MS bluetooth stuff, and might go that way. Not sure.