Ominous error message - am I good?

Hi all,

I'm very worried about my PC, the poor thing. Two days ago it started going to sleep, and then just... staying asleep, ignoring attempts to wake it up. When rebooted, it gives me this warning: "One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency, checking file system on C:". It'll run a disk check, and then appear to be more or less fine, until I try to shut it down and it helpfully lets me know that logon.exe is corrupted.

I'm running Windows 7, and my computer's only about three years old. When looking online, I've seen a couple of people with the same error, but I wanted to see if anyone here had run into the same problem. Basically? I'm worried my beast is dying, and it's the worst possible time in the world for it to do so.

It is tough to say what the problem is. A few years ago I was getting a "One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency" error so I backed everything up and eventually Windows wouldn't boot and I had to do a Windows repair. I ended up getting a new hard drive and reinstalled Windows fresh, and then the exact same thing happened a few days later! So I went into troubleshooting hell, replacing each piece of hardware and waiting to see if it happened again. It turned out to be a bad RAM chip, somehow corrupting Windows.

Oh dear. I was hoping it would magically fix itself, but I'm thinking less and less that that's going to be the case. Thanks for the RAM heads up though - I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

I'm going to channel *Legion* and mention that you should have backups, just as a matter of routine, so a hard drive going on the blink isn't scary. If you don't, do it now, not later.

It depends on your motherboard's RAM slots but if you have four slots and only 2 sticks of RAM, it could be pretty easy to test. RAM is pretty cheap right now too, if it comes to that.