The Data Backup Thread (& request for more suggestions)

I need to adjust my backup strategy and am looking for fresh recommendations.

I’d been using Windows File History —> Synology NAS —> Backblaze B2. Then my wife got a Mac, and Synology’s Time Machine support is not good.

Should she just get a personal Backblaze account? Or should we look at something else? We’ve got the NAS, the B2 storage, and OneDrive already available as destination options.

It’d be convenient to have the same cross-platform software running on her laptop, my laptop, and our gaming PC, but that’s not a must.

There's almost certainly someone better qualified on here who can give you a better answer. But for what it's worth, I send my client PCs to the Synology via Veeam, which has a free agent and I believe is also available on Mac. Once on the Synology we go to Backblaze from there. That way you won't need a separate Backblaze account for her.