Hack and I are hosting an LFR run Tuesday at around 7:30 server as a little prep for the drop of 5.0 and then Mists in September. Come as you are.

Go do it!

I have been working my drood (bear/resto) and priest (holy) ilvl's up to be able to take part in LFR - would like to bring one of those.

I was looking forward to this but the next few tuesdays are bad for me.
May try to LFR another night this week if I can get my ilvl up a few points. Thanks to some crafting love from Reap and 2 dungeon runs (mostly guild), I was able to go from 355 to 369. Almost there.

Remember, 7:30 server CST/8:30 EST, tonight.

One of these days i will get the extra 3 points i need for lfr.