I'ma make a Wordpress Theme

I think it's that time again. I created a theme for my personal site coming up on two years ago: http://kalenjohnson.com
I didn't really make it much more than HTML and CSS with some WP on top. It functions exactly how I wanted, but there is absolutely no extras. So what I'm going to set out to do is to create another one, hopefully that my site will use, but also one I can release for others, either free or paid, depends on how much I can cram into it.

I'm sure that we have some web designers/developers and also users of WP, so I'm thinking this could a way for some of my video gaming buddies to connect and I get some good feedback as well.

To start I'm going to focus on the admin or back-end section first. I want to implement some basic things that myself as a designer and developer would like to see. I'm thinking first of all having the option to link scripts and possibly stylesheets through the admin area, instead of opening up the header.php file. I would also like to add the option to load scripts at the end of the page as well.

I'm thinking I might build off this theme: A 1000-Hour Head Start: Introducing The _s Theme, I still have to check out the code though, but it sounds great.

That's about all so far, stay tuned for updates!

Well I took a look at uploading scripts in a "theme options" page. It's going to take a bit of work, especially with the amount of options I want to include.

I want to have the options to sort which scripts load in which order. I want the option to load a script on all pages or have the choice to load it on specific pages. I also want the option to load the script in the section or just before the closing body tag. I think it would help to speed up WP sites, since they can get relatively bloated rather quickly.

I may have to consider releasing it as a plugin though, as I don't think there is one that does quite all that. The closest thing I found was this one: Simple Javascript Management. I still haven't installed it to check it out, but from the description it sounds pretty helpful.