Network/Bandwidth Usage Monitor

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good safe utility that I can install on my machine at the Castle to monitor where my bandwidth is being used?

Exede is showing me using over 1.5gb a day, which seems ludicrous to me as there isn't anyone on site doing heavy browsing or streaming. They can't/won't tell me where the heaviest usage is though, so I have a hard time pinning down the problem. Anything I can do to track it would be helpful.


Some routers have it built into them. Maybe yours does? What model do you have?

Not sure to be honest, whatever I inherited from the last owner. I haven't had to mess with it and never bothered checking what brand it was. I'll be back down there next week and will check then.

Some models do have a utility to track bandwidth though? I'm going to have to replace the router or get another anyway in order to extend the network a bit, what brand would you recommend that would have a feature like this?

I'm honestly not up to date on the consumer router market. Looking at the router thread we have here though, most like the ASUS offerings.

Looking at the Exede site, they do offer a personal usage monitor. Maybe give this a shot before you buy a router?

Edwin wrote:

Looking at the Exede site, they do offer a personal usage monitor. Maybe give this a shot before you buy a router?

Son of a...

I spent literally an hour on the phone with Exede this morning, specifically about this usage issue. Do you think they could have mentioned this tool?

Thanks Edwin, I'll give this a shot.

Well, looks like that utility is actually just the same bandwidth usage monitor they have on their website. Total bandwidth only, no traffic details at all.

I remoted in and checked the router too, it's a NetGear WNDR3300. A bit of research seems to indicate there isn't any monitoring built in, but I'll double check that when I'm onsite next.

Good luck finding something. I don't know of anything off the top of my head. If you figure out something good to use, be sure to throw a post in the router thread for future reference.

Well I've found several possibilities with a quick Google search, including:

I'm just a bit leery of installing something like that not knowing for sure who made it or how safe/reliable it is. I'll do a bit more research tomorrow and see if I can turn up anything on these.

Solar Winds is VERY good. I used it professionally for years.

Yeah I was going to say SolarWinds has a good rep but might be overkill for what you want. I bet on that Netgear you can turn on logging and it can log traffic, it won't tell you bandwidth usage but you can at least see what sites are being visited and how often. It might even tell you the page size and you can dump it to Excel and do a calc to figure out the usage.

I used the free version of NetLimiter on my computer at home. Might be worth exploring.