I have inherited a Netgear FVS318. Now what?

To make a long, infuriating story short, the power adapter to my switch died. It actually physically came apart - it has to be at least 15 years old. It's kind of cool to see what the insides look like but it's a bit of a cramp to my style. I can only have one machine in my office on the internet at a time, and that dog won't hunt.

I have this ProSafe VPN/Firewall sitting here left over from a tenant who defaulted on renting our office space a couple years ago, and I wouldn't mind having the extra security of a hardware firewall and the ease of a VPN for using my different systems. Once I get it a new adapter, the old switch would be handy for something else anyways.

I have the manual as a PDF, but I think it's written in Sanskrit.

I'll know this out eventually, but if anyone has any good resources for clearing out the previous owner's settings and setting up something that makes sense I'd greatly appreciate your wisdom.

Finally found an installation guide. Turns out, the thing works better if it's already actually physically connected to things before you try to run the firmware. D'oh!

Under the desk I go.