Fitness Catch-All

Finishing is finishing.

The UK's first major gym operator, DW Sports, has gone in to administration, because of the Government's lockdown.

Most of the gyms will re-open again, because the company is going through administration, not liquidation. But this is still ominous news.

My gym is in a mixed residential/commercial area, but I think it's clientele skews heavily towards employees of the businesses in the area. And they definitely are not back in their offices yet. if their employers decide not to open offices until next year, then I can see a wave of cancellations of membership, and therefore more closures.

Got my spicy Phoenix Rack assembled this morning between conference calls.


Started running with my wife (a distance runner) in September on her short runs and then decided to try going further. Three weeks ago I ran 10 miles. Last week I ran 12 miles. Yesterday I dropped back down to 10 (doing a 10 mile race in 2 weeks) but was able to do it a full minute per mile faster (just under 11 minutes per mile). My wife was going 16 but at mile 9 I asked if I could go ahead and I was able to do the last mile at under 9:30 (I knew I was close to an 11 minute mile total and wanted to get under).


Run Evilhomer run!

My gym closed again today. Supposedly to reopen on 2nd December.

That might happen. But even if it does, there'll be a heavy toll on the people that work there. One of the PT lost most of his clients in the first lockdown; he isn't sure if he'll continue. One of the other staff had to give up an apartment and move in with family hundreds of miles away, because they couldn't make the rent on their furlough money. Grim times.

It felt like a funeral today...