Gamestop/EBGames Hacked? (Unauthorized PSN Digital Download Card Purchase)

While grocery shopping on Sunday, email came into my smartphone from Gamestop saying thanks for my digital PSN card purchase, and another immediately thereafter with an online code for $49.99 for the Playstation Network. As soon as I got home, I checked my online credit account and sure enough, a pending charge for $49.99, that I supposedly made while grocery shopping.

I called Gamestop, who was absolutely ZERO help. They confirmed the charge, but declared they could not give me (the ACCOUNT holder) any information about where the charge was made from, past purchase history, etc. They said my only option was to dispute the charge with my credit card holder. They also had no interest in chasing down whether or not they had been compromised. I also decided later that night to reply to [email protected] and got an equally unhelpful reply:

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. If you have any charges from GameStop that you have not made or authorized, please contact your bank or card service provider to dispute the charge(s). You may also wish to file a police report if you think the charges were made fraudulently. Please note that we are unable to release information on unauthorized/disputed charges except to the financial institution disputing the charge or the police investigating fraud.

My crack squad over at Chase is of course on the ball and is taking care of everything, but I pass the info along for anyone who has a PS3 and/or who has done business and who might have their billing info on file with Gamestop or EBGames to take IMMEDIATE action (check your statements, get your info out of there, etc.). Googling today pulled up some results that suggest I'm not the only one...others also got hit for PSN Code charges.

Given their shady security, and complete lack of eagerness to help with the situation or look into whether or not they are in trouble, I also had Chase stop payment on any and all business with Gamestop/EBGames. They'll never see one more dime from me (they actually haven't for quite some time...I'm not sure of the last time I ever purchased something through them).

Man, that is some s**t customer service from GameStop.

As if I needed another reason to distain them.

I wish this could get more public awarness.

Perhaps a news site could run with this if there's a substantial amount of complaints. I wonder if everyone is having rough customer service with Gamestop(I wouldn't be surprised).

I had the exact same thing happen...two fraudulent charges came through at 5:30am today. Both were $49.99 for a Playstation network card DLC. I don't even own a Playstation. I also received two cancellations, thank goodness. I called Gamestop to make sure nothing else comes through and was told there had been no complaints about this.

After reading the original post and some others around the web, I called back again to verify that no charges are allowed to come through. They lied to me again and said there were no problems on their end and tried to blame it on an external source.... even after I told them I had read several complaints exactly like mine. Several people complaining about unauthorized charges from Gamestop seems like a Gamestop problem to me. I deleted my account information and will be taking all of my business elsewhere.

Sorry to hear peedee...mine turned out to be two charges as well. I'm not a member of any other game-related sites or forums, but I encourage those who are to spread the word. I told Chase that I wasn't the only one and they're likely speaking to Gamestop at this time.

Gamestop has a problem, and they're using sh*tty customer service as a diversion. Ugh.