The Secret Word GWJ Roster and Resources

Here is a link to a spreadsheet in which we can use to keep track of who is playing

TSW GWJ Player List

Please enter your information so everyone can keep their friends lists up to date.
Hopefully we can eventually have a cross faction Cabal. For now though the friends list is the best way to go.

You can also join the GWJ chat channel by typing:

/chat join GWJ

Be advised however that for now you will have to enter this each and every time you login.

TSW Resource Links

TSW Wiki -
Crafting Guide -
Yokai's and Sarcan's TSW Guides and FAQs

I will add more links as I find them or people submit them.

Current Known Cabals

Gamers with Secret Jobs - Illuminati Cabal. Send Cobble a message for invite
Crusaders with Jobs - Templar Cabal. Send DrukMo a message for invite
Gamers with Jobs - Dragon Cabal. Send Ranalin a message for invite


Thanks Cobble

Hmm. I'm not sure it's necessary to have "primary weapon" and "secondary weapon" on the list. While most of us are only packing a couple of weapons right now, you can expect people to have a lot more than one deck set up and ready to go later on.

A more useful question is "what roles can you fill?" Even if I have "tanky" weapons, I'm no good at tanking unless I have tanky gear to go with it. Likewise, even though I specialize in DPSing with one set of weapons doesn't mean I can't switch gear and abilities and be ready to heal on a moment's notice.

Of course, the other side of that is: At low levels, you're not really good at filling any role at all, and may not even have a good enough feel of the mechanics to know what you might be able to do later. So... I dunno.

I guess for now, knowing what weapons people are using is useful for finding someone to ask for advice and talk over the various abilities. And for later, knowing who has good gear/builds for different group roles is useful for running group missions.

Edit: I added a role column for people to fill out if and when they want to.

Thanks Hypatian. I was really just shooting from the hip for the initial columns anyway. The roles column is a good idea, though in later game you will be able to swap roles easy enough. I guess everything should be more of a guideline to your play-style perhaps.

Yeah. I put it in with "Tank, Healer, DPS, Tank/Healer, Tank/DPS, Healer/DPS, Tank/Healer/DPS", and meant it to more or less mean "I have gear and abilities suitable to fill these roles, and am ready and willing to do so".

Found Yokai's site, lots of good info here.

Nice work Cobble, appreciate the efforts.

That Yokai's guide is quite good.

jonnypolite wrote:

Found Yokai's site, lots of good info here.

All this good info is making my head spin... :p

Are we using xfire? Maybe add a column for those names?

Just added myself to the list.

Added myself, didn't know about the chat channel, I'll be sure to join that from now on so I can chat with any Oceanic/Nocturnal goodjers who might be playing.

If you see me on, feel free to invite me to whatever, I'm not sure I'll always have a chance to join in as my playtime is generally pretty piecemeal these days, but I'll let you know one way or the other!

Yokais crafting guide is fantastic.

Added my info to the list.

Have any GWJ cabals formed up yet?

No general GWJ cabal since they can't be cross-faction. I've seen some mentioned in the main thread that people have joined.

Robear - I accidentally butchered your row and the spreadsheet wouldn't let me 'undo', my bad.

No worries, I'll fix it.

I have updated the OP with cabal info

The Dragons have a straight up 'Gamers with Jobs' cabal. Not sure who the leaders are.

According to the Chronicle, the members of the GWJ Cabal are as follows:

Ran Ranalin aTyr
Matt cyrnix Nixon
Kat Kirwin Kazuki
Robert Robear Langolfier