Display problems

Here is my laptop.

The problem I am having is hard to explain, I think. When I am playing a game the screen is constantly flickering. Not the entire screen just small sections will go black then light back up. It happens all over the screen. It doesn't prevent me from playing the game and other than that the games run smooth. I'm just stumped. The game that suffers the most from it is Tribes Ascend. I can see it in all my games though. I had a friend tell me it was the PC having trouble rendering fog effects, does that make any sense?

Try to enable vertical sync in the games you play or change the refresh rate on the screen.

Update your drivers.

Sounds very odd that a particle effect should be causing the problem, as different game engines have their own way of rendering fog.

This sounds very much like a driver related incompatibility.

If your drivers are out of date try updating. If they aren't try uninstalling them anyway, running driver sweeper or driver cleaner, and then doing a fresh install of the newest drivers.

Doing the uninstall, clean, reinstall dance has fixed problems similar to what you're describing for me before.

On the other hand, it's also possible there aren't drivers available that fix the problem you're having yet. I went a solid 2 months unable to turn on certain graphical features in Crysis 2 because AMD took forever to update their video card drivers. It was specific to lighting in that case. Areas would be darker or brighter for no reason, and would shift from one to the other and occasionally cause some other weird visual errors. It was borderline unplayable at times and was at best super annoying.