League of Legends Game Nights/Season 2 League

I'm in.

As long as I get to slaughter Dyni mercilessly yet mirthfully.

Squee9 wrote:

I'm in.

As long as I get to be slaughtered by Dyni mercilessly yet mirthfully.


I remember now why I took a break from LoL... Just had a match where my pubbie teammates were lemmings, flinging themselves with abandon into every single ultimate and combo the other team could muster. Maybe all of their keyboards were broken... yeah, that must have been it...

First game night starts at 8est tonight (3 hours and 20 mins from this post)
Be there... or don't... it's your choice really. If you don't show up I'll just cry.

I shall be there, or I shall be elsewhere. Gonna try to play sober tonight too.

I solemnly swear to either be there or to not be there.

Dyni wrote:

I solemnly swear to either be there or to not be there.

Good. Nothing is worse than a team mate who is only half there...

Wait, that actually kinda made sense!

A good time for me to break out my Zilean tiamat build.

Shoot, guess I need to get crackin'.

I'll be there and be the anchor for my time.

Are we going to be playing on vent?

Dyni broke the client for (some of) us last night, so beware if he tries to join your team last second.

I mean, I was fine, but Nimcosi, Complex and Bill Lewis were completely bugged out. It was amusingly unfortunate.

You have no proof!

A friendly reminder, for those of you (like me) who don't play LoL every night, to start your client update early...

Dyni wrote:

You have no proof!

It's in the pudding!

Also, it would be amusingly sad if they were still unable to get in...

Starting soon, need more people still.

As a rule I don't support Fedora. But i'll still play

As a rule I don't support Fedora. But i'll still play

Dyni wrote:

You have no proof!

I have the support ticket.

A very enjoyable game tonight. Thanks all!

What happened, Harry? Scared of Fedora? (I am)

Battlesoraka killing people's internet

Missed tonight, but definitely interested for next time!
Add me on LoL: Ellondil

I'm not terrible! =D

The first game of the night.

Was a long one. Lots of back and forth, though not my best showing. Falcawnkayck/Chabuda and I both made last second picks on our champions... mine wasn't so hot, especially with his AD carry.

Oh well, there'll be more chances to show everyone I'm above terrible and almost mediocre. :p

I totally missed this until now Oh well I worked tonight anyway...

Next night is Friday

I'll be there. If my weeks stays consistent it will go like this:

Monday - Worked until Midnight
Tuesday - Worked until 10 PM
Wednesday - Work until 8 PM*
Thursday - Work until 6 PM*
Friday - leave work at 4PM*

If the pattern holds, I should be out of a job or being paid to not go into work by the end of next week. Here's hoping!


It looks like you'll soon to be working into the past.

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

Battlesoraka killing people's internet

That's definitely what it must be

In case I have not made this clear:
dyni, I hate you.
First with your jungler nonsense and second with your swain nonsense. Why can't you just let me attempt to live for more than 3 minutes you tower diving menace!

I really would prefer we not do blind pick. Both times I was there last night it was last second picks with no thought to team make up. Hence battle soraka. And my last second change to kogma or me going singed since we had no tank or solo top with an ash, ryze, Annie and jax. And then I get scolded that singed was a horrible choice. What is the point of competition as teams if our team is not setup or acts like a team, instead its just random play with the good players trying to do whatever and us not so good players not knowing what is going on. I joined late last night so hopefully Friday will be more organized and not a one sided slug fest.

We need to get out of being in 1 channel, all 3 of my games 2 people picked within the last 5 seconds, and none were really optimal. If we're going to take this seriously(ish) then we should probably be in separate vent channels so we arent typing to our team.