Monitor Keeps Dropping Picture - Solved on the first try!

I keep having the oddest phenomena.

It started two nights ago when I was playing Diablo 3. I was playing along and the screen just went black. The computer was still on. The monitor was still on, but the screen was black. I believe I could still hear game sounds. It was late, and I should have stopped 30 minutes earlier, so I wrote it off as a glitch, turned off the comp and went to bed.

Today, I tried to turn it on for the first time since (been crazy busy). The windows loading screen showed briefly then it went black again.

I have dual video cards in SLI, so I tried unplugging the primary card and using the secondary card, thinking maybe there was something wrong with one of the cards. I got a similar flash of screen then black. The monitor wasn't in stand-by mode, so it was getting signal.

Here's the weirder part (I think). Since my GPU has two DVI ports, I tried plugging into the second port. Unplug, monitor goes to stand-by. Plug in to 2nd port, see things on screen. YAY! Black again, still not in stand-by. Every time I unplug and replug, I get 1-5 seconds of seeing the screen before it goes black again. However, it isn't going into stand-by which makes me think the issue isn't a lack of signal to the monitor.

The behavior is the same with 2, 1, and 0 video cards (I tried plugging directly into my motherboard).

I don't think it's a windows issue because some of the time I don't even see the bios loading screens.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

My dad had this on his old monitor for one game but he replaced it pretty quickly after that so I never found the problem/solution. HOWEVER(!), as luck would have it this exact thing happened the other day to a monitor in work (going off just after showing a brief image - even after a reboot).,

Basically in that situation it appears to be bad components on the circuit board of the monitor - maybe a capacitor blowing its cap? Only solution was to replace it with a different monitor.

If that's the case, sorry! :/

Bad capacitors in the monitor are likely. This is a fairly common problem. If you can get your hands on another monitor, give it a shot.

It's not a HUGE deal to replace the bad capacitors. Takes a little soldering and research, but it happens often enough that you might even be able to find a guide online for your particular monitor.

This may be the perfect time to upgrade to a nice dual monitor setup. Thanks for the help.

I actually replaced bad caps on an old monitor that had similar issues, and it's still working after a couple of months. It actually wasn't that hard to do. Be careful though it can be dangerous as caps can carry a lot of charge and you could give yourself a pretty big jolt if you don't know what your doing. I think the fix cost me less than 15 bucks or something, and I had to replace several burnt out caps.

If your monitor has an external power supply, the fix may even be easier or you might just be able to buy a replacement power supply as usually that is where the problem occurs.