The Secret World - Weekend Inferno Run

I'd like to run Inferno with some GWJers this weekend.

Let me know if you're interested and what night works best.

- Drukmo (AR/Pistols DPS - Heals in a pinch)
- cyrnix (Hammer/Chaos)
- Waite dps
- tanstaafl - AR/Blade
- Orvokki- AR/Fists
- Spy?

Can Help if Needed
- Karma
- Hypatian

Feel free to call me if you're short on people.

11 is too late for me, but maybe this weekend.

Damn you guys for playing while I'm traveling all week!

Ok, looks like the weekend looks better than late EDT tonight. Please post when you want to run.

I'm good for sat night or whenever on sunday.

Waite. dps. yeah.

Hit me up if you need help also.

Later in the evening on either night is good for me.

tanstaafl - AR/Blade

I can do anytime Saturday, and later Sunday, around 9pm EST and on.

cyrnix (Hammer/Chaos)

edit: Good idea, tanstaafl!

I'll be on most of the weekend and would be happy to join up.

Orvokki- AR/Fists (alternately shotgun)

Please post your role as well. Maybe we can get multiple runs going.

I'd be up for running Polaris again too if anyone still needs/wants it.

I need to get the piece of lore I missed in Polaris, so I'd be interested in running it again.

I'd also be available if needed. I want to try and pick up the hammer out of there.


I'm sure I'll be off and on a good bit and I try to monitor the GWJ channel if I'm not in vent. I'd be happy to help out on any runs.

Hamidon - AR/blades, healer, primarily single target healing with a couple of group heals

I'm sure I will be around this weekend to do some runs. Would love to do both Polaris and Inferno as I haven't done either yet.

I'm up for Polaris, as well. Turns out I don't work at all this weekend so I'm free whenever (assuming my wife has nothing planned )

I'm up for Polaris or Inferno, though I think I'm under-geared for Inferno. What's the min. QL recommended?

ranalin wrote:

I'd also be available if needed. I want to try and pick up the hammer out of there.


I believe that's my roll. *smack*

I need to do Polaris, too. I'll be off and on Saturday and Sunday.

I can be either heal or DPS. Wouldn't want to be the only healer in the group, but I can anima shot just as well as anyone else with an assault rifle.

I'll be on Vent tonight (Saturday) around 7PM PDT/10PM EDT to form up a group.

Bring drinks.

Good run tonight guys.

Lets meet up on vent at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT tomorrow (Sunday) for Polaris or Inferno.