TSW: Polaris Run, Sunday, 8 Jul 12, 9PM EST

I havent run Polaris and I know there are others who havent as well. Looking to put together a group for a run this evening. Post if interested.

Signed up:

- SpyNavy (Eisenhorne, Heals and off DPS) (Fist and Blood)
- TrashiDawa
- Taanstafl
- Andon

I'm interested. What are the QL requirements?

I can heal and DPS.

I've run it once but wouldn't mind hopping in again. I'll tag along if there's an extra slot.

tanstaafl (DPS - AR/Blade)

I'd like to run it.

Andon - Sword/Blood

Ok I added the interested so far. We should probably have one more. I should be on but 845pm, if not sooner. I will be in the GWJ Vent room setup for TSW.

If I'm not on when y'all are ready to go just start without me. My play time is woefully unscheduled.

Good run tonight guys. I'd be happy to run again tomorrow if anyone missed out and still wants to knock out Polaris.