Slender - Catch all

So until recently I've been able to honestly say that no game has scared the hell out of me quite the way that Slender has. Slender is nothing more than you, your flashlight, some trees and a very lanky man that wants nothing more than to do horrible things to you. The only goal the game has for you is to collect 8 random pages that are spread around the fenced off forest that your in. The more pages you collect the more ambient sounds are added and the more terrifying things become.

You can download it here (I don't know if I can put links or not yet so it might not work)
its only 55MB and is only maybe 10 minutes long. But I highly recommend that anyone give this a try.

oh by the way. its also free.

It's taken me a few times to even get three pages! The first time I played and the music started after I found page one I had to exit. Some parts I can't even go into because I'm too terrified that he's going to be right around the corner! It's so crazy that a game this simple scares the pants off me, but the MUSIC and the lighting and the map-less-ness culminates in my flight reflex forcing my hand to the exit button. I'm so glad someone else respects this game as I do, and I'm not the only one that is frightened by it!

PS: if anyone plays, hold shift to run. That took me forever to find out.

The game is too repetitive. Once you have played for ten minutes, you have seen all that there is to see.