Ascension - GWJ vs Qt3

Thanks for the updates!

I beat NixxteR 145 - 80.

EDIT: Looks like that ousts him!

The only games remaining involve josemas99.


Mechana was good to me.

It would seem that not only did you catch them all, they started breeding and raising baby mechanas.

Justin Fletcher defeats triggercut1, 72-47. I'm still in it.

Sorry for the delay starting my matches, I've been on holiday in part of Cornwall that didn't have FM radio, let alone 3G. I'll start playing this evening!

Justin Fletcher wrote:

Justin Fletcher defeats triggercut1, 72-47. I'm still in it.

If I read the chart right, then he is ousted! Well done!

LeapingGnome wrote:

I lost to soonanother.

I think you missed some results on the previous page.

Ah, that's where soonanother is from. Had a 10 or 30 minute game with that person last night and couldn't remember why the name sounded familiar. On topic, good to see the Gs knocking out some Qs here, was worried about a blowout after that terrible first round.

Fedaykin98 wrote:
LeapingGnome wrote:

I lost to soonanother.

I think you missed some results on the previous page.

Thank you! It's difficult keeping track of two threads on the same topic.

[b] Round 3 - The Elder Skeptics[/b] xo [G] OzymandiasAV (OzymandiasAV) ox [Q] Mark Gray (Mr Swee) ox [G] Fedaykin (Fedaykin98) ox [Q] Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps) xx [G] Torq (TorqGWJ) - ousted! oo [Q] soondifferent (soonanother) ox [G] LeapingGnome (LeapingGnome) xx [Q] triggercut (triggercut1) - ousted! xo [G] Justin Fletcher (Justin Fletcher) oo [Q] wilykat (padingtun) xo [G] oilypenguin (oilypenguin) xx [Q] Nixxter (NixxteR) - ousted! o. [G] Fedaykin (Fedaykin98) .. [Q] Josemas (Josemas99) .. [G] zelos (zelos79) o. [Q] fuzzyslug (fuzzyslug) xx [G] Torq (TorqGWJ) - ousted! ox [Q] Lantz (HHPre)

Just four games to go:

soondifferent v. LeapingGnome
Josemas v. zelos
Josemas v. Fedaykin
fuzzyslug v. zelos

I beat josemas99 85 - 59.

We are down to the two games of zelos! So close..

Just lost to josemass99 78-59. I was just a bit too slow getting going.

Just fuzzyslug v. zelos left.

Noooo! I just lost to fuzzyslug 88-87. That's me out then.

Banana Split,

Any eta on completion of the tourney? Ballpark estimate would be appreciated.

We should go faster and faster, the fewer people who remain. I'll guess two weeks! We can start round three now, and there are only about a half dozen people on each team.

Why do you ask? Just curious.

On to round four! Qt3 still has 1 more person than GWJ, so here's my list and the remaining GWJ players for Chris to assign:

[G] OzymandiasAV (OzymandiasAV) [G] LeapingGnome (LeapingGnome) [G] Justin Fletcher (Justin Fletcher) [G] oilypenguin (oilypenguin) [G] Fedaykin (Fedaykin98) [Q] Mark Gray (Mr Swee) [Q] Lantz (HHPre) [Q] fuzzyslug (fuzzyslug) [Q] soondifferent (soonanother) [Q] Josemas (Josemas99) [Q] Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps) [Q] wilykat (padingtun)

Two GWJ players will need to play in two spots (or one in three!). You can each start volunteering for this brave duty!

I'll play as much as you like this round, Chris.

Go Team Stan!

Same here

I think I managed to mostly get people new opponents. Sorry for the delay.

[G] Fedaykin (Fedaykin98)
[Q] Mark Gray (Mr Swee)
[G] LeapingGnome (LeapingGnome)
[Q] Lantz (HHPre)
[G] Fedaykin (Fedaykin98)
[Q] fuzzyslug (fuzzyslug)
[G] oilypenguin (oilypenguin)
[Q] soondifferent (soonanother)
[G] Justin Fletcher (Justin Fletcher)
[Q] Josemas (Josemas99)
[G] oilypenguin (oilypenguin)
[Q] Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)
[G] OzymandiasAV (OzymandiasAV)
[Q] wilykat (padingtun)

Thank you, Chris!

Each player should challenge the one below, like normal. Wilykat will challenge Fedaykin.

Ozymandias challenged!

I have challenged Mr Swee and sent a friend request to fuzzyslug.

I lost to Mr Swee 57-51.

I did not think we were playing SoS in this tourney?

That's correct. I guess I should remind everyone each time we hit a new round.

Counting any SoS results is totally out of order in a base + RotF tournament. Have we done so? And even if so, we should not compound that error now. I have asked AT in the past for clarification on the format, and he has confirmed that it's base + RotF only. If Qt3 guys are sending SoS challenges, then are they not being given the same information? Leap (and any other player, GWJ or Qt3) should not be penalized for the error of his challenger.

What was weird is it was a RotF+SoS challenge. Should we replay?