Ascension - GWJ vs Qt3


If I read that right, Justin's game against fuzzyslug is still relevant, as well.

I just got slaughtered by fuzzyslug. He got on a mechana roll and I couldn't get any deck thinners on my end. At the end I think he had 9 constructs in play.

I lost to Mr Swee 104-94 in a game where we both had 5-6 constructs and lots of big turns. I'm pretty disappointed I couldn't win a game this round but oh well.

[B]Round 6 - The Earth Tyrants[/B] oo [Q] Mark Gray (Mr Swee) xx [G] LeapingGnome (LeapingGnome) oo [Q] soondifferent (soonanother) x. [G] Justin Fletcher (Justin Fletcher) o. [Q] fuzzyslug (fuzzyslug) xx [G] LeapingGnome (LeapingGnome) - ousted! oo [Q] wilykat (padingtun) xx [G] Justin Fletcher (Justin Fletcher) - ousted!

It's over! And it was more fun than I had even hoped!

Thank you, GWJ, for playing us. I am excited to know of your forum now, as I read your front page articles often. Very good to be your friends! And please feel free to join Qt3 and enter our monthly league. We're in the June playoffs right now, so July is about to start -- good timing!

Congratulations to the folks from Qt3 - thanks for the fun times!

Good times!

Thank you, on behalf of Qt3! And man, great comeback after Round 1, which was brutally in our favor. Like I said back then, I was thinking of changing the rules at that point, and my wife said you all deserved a chance to fight back. And boy howdy did you.

Qt3 now holds the Ascension trophy!


If GWJ, or any forum for that matter, wishes to attempt to claim it, you must come through us!

Thanks to Chris Gwinn for captaining the GWJ team.

The final four players for Qt3 went a combined 41-10 in the tournament, led by soondifferent with a stellar 11-1 record. As such, he is Qt3's MVP!

GWJ's MVP is oilypenguin, who not only posted a 12-4 record, but also went 5-1 to survive Round 2, where he was called upon to play in three spots.

Yeah, oily was awesome. Great job, and while juggling newborn twins!

My wife won't let me throw them so it was really just while sliding them along the floor =(

Anyway, thanks =)

Thanks to Dave (Ananab Tilps) for setting this up and tracking the results on this -- it was certainly fun, even if we ended up with the wrong outcome.

You're very welcome! If there's a desire to run another, I know that Qt3 is game to defend the trophy.

So, how about a rematch?

I have a feeling Qt3 would be up for it if there were enough people interested here, especially with everyone feeling their way around the new Immortal Heroes expansion.