Ascension - GWJ vs Qt3


The Quarter To Three vs. Gamers With Jobs tournament is over! Qt3 wins the Ascension trophy in six rounds.


If GWJ, or any forum, wishes to attempt to claim it, make your challenge!

Just sent you a PM, although I don't think I have a great W-L ratio

Don't worry! This is just for fun, with the forum battle being a narrative overlay at most. Qt3 is accepting all comers, too!

Looks like quarter to three has more people interested than Gamers With Jobs, so I will play on this side.

We won't start for a few days because of the Storm of Souls release, and I hope that the GWJ list will fill up a bit more. Right now, Qt3 has 15 people and GWJ has 2, which clearly won't work well with the rules I set up. If the lists are imbalanced, we'll make up new rules until this inter-form fun becomes more normal!

I signed up, though the tourney is going to start close on the release of Diablo 3 I still figure I can take enough time for the regularly occurring turn. Now I just need to figure out SoS quick; there don't seem to be many bad cards that I've seen thus far, everything looks like it could have it's place in a deck.

I'm in !

I am willing to play, but I do tend to lose a bit- so that's a problem.

Only way to get better is to play with people!

I'm in for GWJ. I've been on hiatus from the game for a month or so, but the tourney (and the expansion) seems like a good excuse to jump back into regular play.

I'll play, I suppose.

Me too! PM sent.

Might as well, PM sent!

Maybe someone should mention this on Twitter with the #GWJ? We might get more people that way?

Also, this is totally how it's going to go down isn't it?

I mostly chat about pinball around here, but I'd be happy to switch from QT3 to GWJ to beef up this side.

Warning: I bat around .500.

The expansion seem nice, and I'm always up for good tourney fun.

I'm in - ChumpyMcChump.

I wish I could figure out how to subscribe to my own damn thread on this site!


I'm in, PM sent. I guess I'd better go buy the expansion...

I didn't get a PM, Zelos.. or maybe it takes a minute.

Ananab Tilps wrote:

I wish I could figure out how to subscribe to my own damn thread on this site!


Underneath the first post, there should be an "add to favorites" link. Drupal is weird.

Ananab Tilps wrote:

I didn't get a PM, Zelos.. or maybe it takes a minute.

Isn't Zelos already in the list as zelos79?

I'm in too!

Thanks Chris and Ozy.

We'll start pretty soon, gentlefolk!

mrwynd on gamecenter - I've got everything except the promo cards, up for many games!

Mrwynd, I included you in the list, since you posted here in the specific tourney thread.

PM sent. Although, like others, I may do more harm to our W/L ratio than good.

There are 19 Qt3 players and 14 GWJ players. Would five of you be willing to play a double portion? We're talking up from 2 games to 4 games (in the first round of what will probably be 3-5 rounds). Just post here if you're willing!

I can take a double.

I am willing as well.