GWJ BCS League, Season III (360): Conference Championships (League Deadline: 7/3/12 @ 11:59pm ET)

I will play tonight after my 2* other notes, I just preordered my NCAA 13 from amazon...

WVU...I dont know if I should bench my line or bless them. They allowed my HB to rush 32 attempts for 397yrds but also had 5 penalties that called back two separate TDs and resulted in 50yrds of backtracking. WVU wins 57-28

f*ck this game

Jayhawker wrote:

f*ck this game

Now you're officially back

Leroyog wrote:
Jayhawker wrote:

f*ck this game

Now you're officially back :P

It was a justifiable smackdown Wisconsin put on me. I could have kept the score down, but took chances trying to score that led to more possessions and a short field for them.

SMU came in riding high at 4-2...and left embarrassed as ND crushed them, 66-7 (after a scoreless first quarter, mind you). I was disappointed – I simmed one series the whole game, and SMU scored a TD.

The ND defense scored after an INT and a forced fumble/recovery. ND's star HB Cierre Wood had only 150 yards rushing, but scored 5 rushing TDs. Three of them are worth a watch as highlights, as SMU is a terrible tackling team, and he ran over, through, and around defenders to score those.

Michigan wins 31-3. This game was 0-0 at the half. Michigan's D was the MVP of this game. In 4 red zone attempts, Michigan's D only gave up the one field goal.

Recruiting done!

Bonney, when are you able to play? I don't think I can go until Tuesday night the earliest. My wife works, so I'm watching the little one by myself, and if I happen to be on the next couple of days, it's because she randomly went down for a nap, and I can't guarentee she'll be down for a full hour.

Speaking of which...................

LEAGUE DEADLINE: Friday, June 1st @ 11:59pm ET

Week 7 League Schedule:
Boston College (Willhouse4078) at Virginia (XBox)
Georgia (Wi11Nick) at Rutgers (Kush15)
Kansas (JayHawkerStL) at Wisconsin (XBox): Wisconsin wins 59-17
Michigan (LeroyOG) at Purdue (XBox) at : Michigan wins 31-3
SMU (XBox) at Notre Dame (firesloth): Notre Dame wins 66-7
West Virginia (ZellbrigeN26) at Louisville (XBox)

Tennessee (Shag26) DONE RECRUITING

My season begins in 2 weeks (Week 9). I hope my team is ready for the battle coming!

I can play Tues night and if you can play Monday let me know. I will send you my phone# and text me(if you can) when your ready.

What time can you play Tuesday?

Anytime after 8pm est is fine.

Having to restart my game. I started late and my wife and her friends got home had to.give up the TV.

BC beats Virginia on a last second field goal.

Rutgers beats Georgia on lucky 3rd down play. Rutgers was up 20-6 with 2:30 to play, when all hell broke loose. On 3rd and long (this is not the lucky play), the Georgia defense (with 1 timeout left) broke through, stripped the ball, and ran it back for a TD to make the score 20-13. Rutgers got the ball back and tried to run out the clock as much as possible. On 3rd and 5, Chaz Dodd dropped back to pass, and found all of his WRs blanketed by the Georgia defense. With nothing open, Dodd rushed forward to, if nothing else, keep the clock rolling. He found daylight, and broke through for the first down, when he fumbled the ball, which Rutgers barely managed to recover (thus, lucky 3rd down play). With no timeouts remaining for Georgia, Rutgers was able to kill the remainder of the clock.

Both defenses came to play, the only offensive TD was after an interception gave Rutgers the ball on the 30 in the 1st quarter. After giving up the ball deep in Rutgers territory on an interception in the 3rd, Rutgers stole the ball back with an endzone pick, keeping points off the board, which probably stands as the play of the game.

Bonney, good game, well fought. I think we should take both of our offenses out back, and shoot them.

Except Fred Winston. That f*cker is perfect on FGs the past year and a half, including a clutch 59 yard field goal last night in the 3rd quarter. Had room to spare, and I filled the kick meter about 95%, I thought he was going to miss.


*EDIT 2*
99 Kick Power. Wow.

That leaves just Zellbrige for this week.

shag26 wrote:

That leaves just Zellbrige for this week.

yep...deadline is 2359 friday. I will play before then. Prob tonight but cant guarantee anything.

I hate you Kenny

LEAGUE DEADLINE: Tuesday, June 5th @ 11:59pm ET

Week 8 League Schedule:
UCF (XBox) at Boston College (Willhouse4078)
Oklahoma (XBox) at Kansas (JayHawkerStL)
Michigan (LeroyOG) at Michigan St (XBox)
Notre Dame (firesloth) at Minnesota (XBox): Notre Dame wins 42-14
Marshall (XBox) at Rutgers (Kush15)
Tennessee (Shag26) at Virginia Tech (XBox)
NC State (XBox) at West Virginia (ZellbrigeN26)

Georgia (Wi11Nick)

Firesloth is not f***in around, he is jumping on and taking out opponents like a hot knife through butter.

No HvH matchup, so 5-day Sim period. Word is bond.

Firesloth is not f***in around, he is jumping on and taking out opponents like a hot knife through butter.

Well, it was only Minnesota. Even then, I gave up *3* INTs, one for a TD. That one was stupid...I threw all the way across the field, across my QB's body, while running away from the intended receiver. I just got happy fingers.

My defense played well. If it had only been my defense against the Minnesota offense the whole game, I would have won 14-7. The D forced 4 turnovers, including 2 forced fumbles recovered for TDs. That's what happens when the opposing QB thinks he can run (and he doesn't play for Michigan).

Kush15 wrote:
Leroyog wrote:

I would like to stick with michigan.

And you can sir. Aren't you planning to run the 2-star league again? 8-)

Just in case people haven't read the NCAA13 thread

By the way, I won the recruiting battle this year:

Tom Landry, 5* HB, committed to ND this week.

You snake-oil salesmen, you stole my TE!!!

I stole lots thus week.

BC runs over UCF 35-10

Tennessee rolls into Virginia and comes back to beat Virginia Tech 38-28. It was rough in the beginning as Virginia Tech rolled out to a 21-0 lead by returning 2 INTs for TDs. The defense tightened up and shut out the Tech offense in the second half. Bray started heating up throwing all over the field and Lane and Smith ran in for scores.

Next game will be a doosy as the Number 1 Ranked Wolverines come to Rocky Top to play. This game has been circled on the calendar for the Vols since the schedule was set.

Michigan defeats michigan st. my offense sputtered. Defense and special teams set up the offense

Will try to get my game in today, but it may not be until late tomorrow.