NCAA12 GWJ2STAR - Season 3 -WEEK 3 - Deadline 6/30


Welcome to Week 1!
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=============== Central Michigan Chippewas (0-0) ===============
This week, the Chippewas are idle.

=============== Temple Owls (0-0) ===============
This week, the Owls are idle.

=============== Colorado State Rams (0-0) ===============
This week, the Rams are idle.

=============== Marshall Thundering Herd (0-0) ===============
This week, the Thundering Herd will host ECU (0-0).

=============== Western Michigan Broncos (0-0) ===============
This week, the Broncos are idle.

=============== Rice Owls (0-0) ===============
This week, the Owls are idle.

Hurry up, Zell. Damn.


Oh. Wait. A BYE WEEK??? I can't win this weekend.

Hahahaha...Love the lead story on the website:

Leading in Talent
MAC proves most talented as they lead all others in All-Americans.

CSU is done recruiting. It's gonna' be a rough season. I like that getting into the MAC championship and a bowl game raised my coaching prestige to D+!!!


I'm posting to mock Zell for using the wrong thread...

Western Michigan pulls out the upset with a 43-35 win over Illinois. The game was close through the whole thing. With oen team never being more then 7 points ahead. Western's defense was able to get 3 fumbles and 1 interception. The pick came with just 23 seconds left in the 4th and Illinois on Western's 40. With just a few seconds left my QB was able to hit my wideout for a 74 yard score to seal the win and upset to start the season.

FYI, forum name says Week 1

Oh yeah. LOL. On to week 2. Advanced on the pc, forgot to update title

It happens, I do it all the time. I believe I skipped through a whole week last season without realizing it.

CMU lets the entire state know that they are relevant. They put a whooping on MSU 38-13. It was close in the first quarter but Ryan Radcliffe weaved some magic through the air.

I got an email that says I'm holding up the league. I might be able to play tonight, if not, I will get it in tomorrow.

I'll have some time to play tonight gents.


Temple was up 14-7 with 20 seconds to go, and Tennessee had a 4th and 17. Justin Hunter managed to get behind the Temple secondary on a fade route and caught a game tying 67 yard TD pass. In OT, Tennessee scored on their 3rd play to take a lead, but Temple came right back and scored on their 1st play, a nice 25 yard TD pass to Deon Miller, who received a beautifully well-timed pick to break him free for the score. Next drive called for 3 straight runs to Matt Brown, placing them at the 7 yard line, when Kushnier decided to call the FB's number, and Cody Booth ran in untouched as Temple caught the Vols napping. Once again, the Owls had Tennessee in a 4th down situation with the game on the line, and once again, Justin Hunter slipped past the secondary, and found himself open for the score. Tennessee's 1st play put them at the 1 inch line, and managed to push it in 2 plays later. However, Tennessee tried to roll the dice on a rush play, and Temple snuffed it out. Matt Brown had a nice 11 yard rush on Temple's next play, and Mike Gerardi found Alex Jackson for another 11 yard reception. Two plays later, Matt Brown walked into the end zone for the tying score. On the 2 pt conversion, Temple audibled out of the sweep, and instead tried to run the ball straight up the middle. Brown followed the fullback to paydirt, and Temple upsets Tennessee 36-34.

I believe the league is ready to roll.

Holy crap. Nice game!!

I think that makes 3 upsets to start the season with Central beating MSU, Western beating Illinois and now Temple beating Tennessee

And CSU losing miserably to Colorado...

BTW, Temple only have 3 Offensive linemen going into next season, so if Temple's going to make a run, it's this year, lol.

Welcome to Week 3!
Remember to visit to publish your own stories.

=============== Central Michigan Chippewas (1-0) ===============
Last week, Central Michigan won 38-13 against Michigan State (1-1).
This week, the Chippewas will host FCS Southeast .

=============== Temple Owls (1-0) ===============
Last week, Temple won 36-34 against Tennessee (0-1).
This week, the Owls will host Pittsburgh (1-0).

=============== Colorado State Rams (0-1) ===============
Last week, Colorado State lost 34-17 against Colorado (2-0).
This week, the Rams are idle.
In recruiting news, the following Colorado State targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) CB Justin Moore has committed to Colorado State

=============== Marshall Thundering Herd (1-0) ===============
Last week the Thundering Herd were idle.
This week, the Thundering Herd travel to Akron to face the Akron Zips (0-1).
In recruiting news, the following Marshall targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) WR John Anderson has committed to Marshall
- (***) RT Chris Riley has committed to Syracuse

=============== Western Michigan Broncos (1-0) ===============
Last week, Western Michigan won 43-35 against Illinois (0-1).
This week, the Broncos will host Air Force (1-0).

=============== Rice Owls (0-1) ===============
Last week, Rice lost 22-15 against SMU (1-0).
This week, the Owls will host #25 Houston (1-0).
In recruiting news, the following Rice targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) WR Tony Bell has committed to Rice

A bye week? Again? Bummer.

Blame your rivalry games :p

Western shoots the air force down with a 45-13 win.

Central Michigan wins their scrimmage game.

woot...finally figured out we were on a different thread. lol...Will play my game today.

Game played...I destroyed Akron with my air attack 63-17 but this game left its mark. My starting TE, CB, DT are all out til week 13 with broken whatevers. I can manage without the TE but the DT and CB are both going to be missed.

Ouch. This made me remember that I lost my stud (for my team) HB for 4 weeks during the first series of last week's loss to Colorado.

I suppose I should be happy that I have a bye week this week. Oh, and that I'm not the coach of Marshall. Sorry, man.

By the way, this is my mascot threatening some sideline cameraman during my loss to Colorado.


This is the last picture on that camera...the cameraman himself has not been seen since the game.


I don't want to play Firesloth as his mascot may eat my running back

willhouse4078 wrote:

I don't want to play Firesloth as his mascot may eat my running back

Week 6, baby. Week 6.

Looks like Kush is holding up BOTH leagues. gawd! :p


Mr Bonney, its you and me.

Colorado St. gets on the board with a 20-0 win over rival Air Force. The defense came to play...except for one 63 yard rush that AF rolled off. Oops.

The special teams unit for CSU forced and recovered fumbles on a punt and a kickoff, and they defended a fake punt play, forcing a turnover. While my final TD came on the last play of the game (dick move, I know...but totally worth it), AF never really threatened after the first quarter or so.

I played most of the game using my 3rd and 4th string HBs, since my starter was knocked out for 4 weeks in the first week and his backup went down with a concussion early in this game. Still, I rushed 47 times compared with 18 passes. That's good balance, isn't it??

Oh, and by the way: Crocket Gillmore is not only a great porn name, but it's the name of my stud TE.

Thanks, Leroy, for rolling while I was online!