Anyone going to Bit Gen Gamer Fest in Baltimore this Saturday?

I plan on making the trek down from Brooklyn NY. I haven't been to any Goodjer gatherings, but if anyone is going to check it out we should do a meet.

Here is the requisite info:

BITGEN GAMER FEST IS HERE. Baltimore's biggest and best videogame music extravaganza, featuring 10+ of the best ever bands that play music from videogames.

YOUR MISSION: Metal out with more than 500 nerds while playing a huge selection of classic and current videogames and old-school arcade machines - all on freeplay.

WARNING: BRAIN INJURY MAY OCCUR if you have to choose between epic live videogame music, classic gaming, and arcade machines. To prevent BRAIN INJURY we line the walls of the concert hall with videogames so you can DRINK, GAME, and ROCK OUT all at once. Have you ever played Super Metroid during a rock concert before? You're welcome.

Yes, it's awesome. And yes, like you've surely heard on the news lately, certain experts* commonly refer to this sort of thing as "nerd-vanna" or "bit-halla"

With a description like that, how can you resist? I mean, you spent all this freaking time reading the description, so you can't back out now.