Hurricane Survival Thread 2012


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If you really want to help you need to drive a tanker full of gas -- Road Warrior style -- into the heart of Jersey (preferably around the Glen Ridge area). The stories I'm hearing from my neighbors are rough. They do need another hero.

Which I find curious as the price in South Jersey and South Eastern PA is the lowest it has been in over a month.

I know of one man who brought 28 gallons of tanks to South Jersey (from NYC) to stock up on gas.

I live in Southern Dutchess county, and the entire area's nearly out of gas as people come north looking for fuel. It's gotten ridiculous. Stations might as well be hanging signs outside that say "LOLNOPE".

NYC officials changed its mind. The NYC marathon has been canceled.

Good to hear goodjers got by mostly without harm. I hadn't been paying attention to Sandy until today, and it's tragic. Well wishes to any affected out East.

New Yorkers do like their made up neighborhood names...


My brother's heading out from Montana on Monday with a bunch of other Forest Service folks. It sounds like he'll be working as a sawyer. I'm trying to get my name in the hat since I finished my season in Yellowstone in late September and was laid off. I was able to get on the shuttle Columbia search and recovery in 03, and it felt good to be able to help out with a large disaster type event in a physical way.

Sandy was a bit of an ordeal for us. But overall, we're fine.

I'm finally back home. I live two blocks from the mandatory evacuation zone an about 5 blocks from the coned plant that had the transformer blowup. Our building didn't have power until Saturday. With two infants, two dogs that each required separate carrying up and down five flights of stairs three times a day, no power, no elevator, no heat, no cell coverage, no landline, sporadic water, the threat of gas cutoff, we evacuated to my in-laws. With no heat and near freezing temperatures we put off coming back until it warmed up a bit.

The garage we keep our car in flooded and every car that was there is a total loss. Luckily, we moved our car and parked in the street. The best spot we could find was only a little into the evacuation zone. The car was lightly flooded. The carpets were soaked and there was some standing water, but everything runs fine.

Our place up in the catskills had a big tree fall right next to it. A bunch of branches dented the hell out of the roof, window coverings and the pump room hatch, but seemed to cause no major damage. 5 feet over and it would have taken out the corner of the house. We had to drive up there and take a chainsaw to it to clear access to the pump room and the propane tank.

Overall, this was a huge inconvenience, but we managed to just escape any major damage.

Just got our power back. Expecting 6 inches of snow. Hoping th power stays on.