November 16 prime resurgence starts. i will have to log back in for this. Maybe I can finally get some of those primes I wanted.

Maclintok wrote:

AFAIK, it's coming out with the New War expansion which was still due out for this year.

Reinstalling on PS4 this weekend to get my sea legs back (well at least a small fraction of them as it's been a few years). Definitely want to move my console account over to PC!

I'm hoping they give us a way to merge accounts... I have a lot more done on my PS4/5 account, but I've had my PC account since game was in beta. At the very least, I'd like my Mesa Prime.

Merging of accounts is coming. They have it working in dev.

There’s also a giant event coming Tuesday to allow everyone a chance to earn old primes - gear and frames - before the next major content release.


so, forma changes are live, now your mastery rank counts as your warframe level if it's greater then the current. if you are mr 10 or higher you get to keep using all of your abilities. this doesn't apply to many, but if you are mr 30+ you can even play modes that require a lvl 30 frame and you'll always be at max abilities.

New war drops on the 15th, anyone want to prep together?

I can't wait for Digital Extremes to figure out how to merge accounts across all of the platforms. I really want to play with other folks around here again but my PlayStation account is light-years ahead of my PC account and I find it difficult to want to play with that account at the moment. :grumble:

Finally loaded up on Switch again. Looks like it's been about 2 years. I was grabbing some Prime Gaming rewards in the off time, but it looks like I only got the ones for the past 2 months. Still a free Loki frame (already had max), so a free frame slot. 3 free weapons, one I already had max, so a free slot. Not bad to have. But looks like a ton has been added. Going to take a bit to get the rust off, if I can.

Mostly just wanted to get my account intact and grab my free stuff if there does happen to be a joint account system soon so I could play on PC. Maybe I'll try on Switch again, but looks like almost everyone bailed on the Switch clan at the end of 2019 too, so probably playing by myself over there.

There will be a joint account system? That would be wonderfull!! I spent way too much money on my Xbox version of the game, and have recently started out again from scratch on PC.

I'm guessing there hasn't been any New War talk because only a couple of us have played it so far? I was fortunate enough to win the necramech parts I needed in a bet so I didn't need to do any prep work.

Cross play/cross save is still just "this year", hopefully sooner rather than later.

I have finished new war, i really enjoyed it and i do not want to spoil anything.

Cross-platform is live. Account merging and cross-save is still in the works.

Doing my yearly (?) Warframe refresh. Every time I play this I end up cracking relics over and over to get primes and burning out, I need to remember to do other stuff. I also successfully played a round with my friend on switch!

i can help you out mate, i'm usually on in the late EST evenings and it's my chill game so i'm usually around.

Anyone still playing? I'm progressing slowly, now I have a quest that requires access to a dojo or buy the parts (Archwing Launcher Segment) with plat. Is the PC Clan still active?

My friend and I have been playing pretty religiously on PS5 and sporadically on PC since April. He was completely new and is around MR17 now and I’ve been playing off and on since the game originally released on PC. I’ve never gotten very far on PC, but since we started playing together, I have gone from MR 11 to MR23. I also started a solo dojo several years ago and since April, it has risen to rank 1-10 and nearly completed all research. There’s only the two of us and one of our co-workers, but I’m happy to welcome interested goojers.

That said, rumor is cross-platform saves/trading/clans may finally be releasing soon after TennoCon this weekend. Until that happens, I can’t trade with non-PS4/PS5 players or invite them to our dojo, but I’m more than happy to help anyone with running missions, providing guidance, and anything else I can. My Warframe username is the same as here - ‘Vypre’.

We also have a dedicated WhatsApp chat you’re welcome to join, if interested, but in the interest of keeping it private, I ask that you PM me for an invite.

Yeah I still login on Switch to get prime gaming rewards or whatever but haven't played in a couple years. I'd really like to play on PC if they ever do cross save. Just don't want to start over

Suvanto wrote:

Anyone still playing? I'm progressing slowly, now I have a quest that requires access to a dojo or buy the parts (Archwing Launcher Segment) with plat. Is the PC Clan still active?

I have a little three person clan with most of the research on PC if you're just looking for somewhere to crash and get recipes until cross save.

I still play a little bit but other games have been getting my time recently. Busy time for video games.

I'm usually on (pc) at least 3 or 4 times a week, currently away though. Pc clan is... Mostly just me right now, but i have invite capabilities so send me an invite (tychothemad) and I'll add you to the clan when I'm back on monday

I've been taking a big break, no problem with the game itself, but I've put 1600+ hours into it, so I want some new stuff to build up again, get back to that truly baffled by everything feeling I had back in the first 100 hours or so.

Like seemingly a lot of the other good people here, made a clan that's really only just myself, still somehow managed to research basically everything I want.

How long have you been gone redwing?

Thanks for all the invites everyone! Let's see if Tennocon really brings out cross-progress and maybe we'll get the GWJ Clan going for good.

Finally hit MR7, and cleared the second part of the Second Dream. Seems interesting so far. Maxed out Ember yesterday, don't have another frame completed now, will have to do some digging about which one to go for.

Tycho the Mad wrote:

How long have you been gone redwing?

Steam says I last played in April, probably about when I came back to play a bit of the Duviri Paradox stuff, but really aside from sticking my toes back in for a handful of hours there, I've been probably on a year or so long hiatus. Just a lot of other stuff for me to be playing right now, it's been a massive year for games in general, and for stuff I'm interested in especially.

I can see me getting the itch again soon though, I think there's been a bunch of new Duviri related stuff I haven't checked out, and Tennocon is starting tomorrow, and the stuff coming out of that will likely whet my appetite for space ninja shenanigans again.

Also starting tomorrow - for one week only - Baro Ki’teer will be selling every item (mods, weapons, and cosmetics) he’s ever had in his inventory. The caveat is that you have to buy the $24 TennoCon pack to access the special relay he will be in, but if you’re invested in the game at all, the Primed Mods are well worth the cost of entry as they are among the best mods in the game and Baro is the original source of all but four of them. The other four - Primed Fury, Shred, Vigor, and Sure-footed are all given to you on your 200, 400, 600, and 900th login day.

Note: yes, you can buy Primed mods from other players, but they usually sell for at least a couple hundred platinum, plus a trade tax of ~1,000,000 or more credits and - with the exception of the four mentioned - they were originally purchased from Baro.

Holy sh*t! That's almost enough to get me to log back in again

ranalin wrote:

Holy sh*t! That's almost enough to get me to log back in again

Have you played Duviri at all? Running around the Duviri Experience (open world mode) with a group of friends and stacking 50-100+ Decrees that each function like a set of (three) user-selected, randomized mods, until you turn what might be a brand new frame (to you) into a near-immortal god that would steamroll even the hardest content is a ton of fun.

If you haven’t, you should know the frames and weapons options are also randomized and selected by the user at the beginning of a run. If you chose a frame/weapon you’ve never run before, the game gives you a complete set of (base) mods to go with it. If you do have the frame/weapon, then you have the option to use either the base set of mods or from one of the configurations you have built for that frame/weapon. Either way, once you get a few complementary Decrees under your belt, you’ll be tearing through wave after wave of enemies.

Each mode of Duviri also has differing ways on how you can earn resources and new weapons/frames. In a lot of cases, it can make getting some of the frames FAR easier than it is in the old star map and in one of the modes they give you a frame-defining mod or two to go with them as well.

Yea i came back for about a week for DP, but other games came out that pulled me away.

I'm still unclear how Duviri relates to the other parts of the game. I want to see the main quest through, and am kind of spoiler averse, should I've wait til I'm done with what's available before tackling Duviri or is it a totally unrelate thing?

Apparently Cross-saves are coming this year, as per Tennocon.

Been trying to farm prime mats for Ducats, what primed mods should I be looking for?

For ducats, it's really just parts for stuff you already have. Maybe check warframe market before you trade in stuff to see if it has a high gh plat value I guess.

Suvanto wrote:

I'm still unclear how Duviri relates to the other parts of the game. I want to see the main quest through, and am kind of spoiler averse, should I've wait til I'm done with what's available before tackling Duviri or is it a totally unrelate thing?

They tried to advertise Duviri as the new point of entrance for new players, but story wise - and in some ways also in terms of gameplay - it is a very confusing place to start. In terms of the former, I feel like new players are still better off starting with the main story and continuing until they finish ‘The New War (a commitment of ~75-150 hours just to get to). For the latter, it is far easier in most cases to earn new warframes in Duviri, but many of the mechanics are different.

My personal suggestion is to continue through the main game until you finish The New War. Yes, as mentioned, it is going to take a good while and in some ways it’s a bit harder, but the (already confusing) base mechanics of the game will be more clear to you. And with the other goojers here and I to help with missions, gift some mods, explain any questions you may have, and provide advice - it’s going to go significantly faster for you than it did for most of us.

"Suvanto wrote:

Apparently Cross-saves are coming this year, as per Tennocon.

Yep. Looking forward to cross-save/progression. The ability to use your mobile device to continue your journey may be an interesting addition as well.

"Suvanto wrote:

Been trying to farm prime mats for Ducats, what primed mods should I be looking for?

I’d start with the Prio 1 column, then Prio 2, and then if you get them all, go for the faction bane mods starting with the ones for the Grineer, then Corrupted, followed by Corpus and Infested.


Oh, and make sure you’re refining your relic every time you gather enough (100) void essence. Since the sell difference between the lowest and highest value relic rewards is 85 ducats, it makes the grind significantly faster. Especially since you get to select your reward from the pool generated by you and each of your teammates, which means you have an exponentially greater chance of one of them being a 100-ducat item with every person on your team that refined their relic.