railjack update is up and only moderately buggy. so far it looks pretty good, the modifications make it fel alot more in the fast action of warframe, guns hit hard, the roles seem useful for the most part and the changes seem really well reasoned and i think once they are debugged and tweaked they will be excellent.

I'm checking it out again! Railjack changes seem good, and I wasn't that negative on railjack in the first place so I'm pretty content. I'm farming for a necramech now that you can get a bit more use out of them.

bash lab is almost ready to start building, but i'm short on thermal sludge and I'm VERY low on forma, if anyone has alot to spare, hop on and feed the room if you can please. need 300 thermal sludge and 1 forma.

I'm in my own tiny four person clan, are clan alliances still a thing? I'm pretty sure I have forma I could toss in an alliance vault.

I have never heard of that so maybe not? Clans have a been a bit undersuoported for the last few years so maybe i just never heard about it though.

also, i've got 2 more gwjers who want to join the clan, but we're full, we have several people who havn't been on for for 2+ years, maybe we can clear them out? also we only have 2 people who have been on in the last 9 months who hvae kick priviliges.

I check in a few times a week if you need help with privileges.

I had to uninstall on Switch because some update was bigger than the install size at the time. Think I upgraded SD card since then but haven't got back into it.

The constant online connection defeats one of the bonuses of the Switch -instant sleep mode. So with young kids I may not get back to this ever.

I'll need to update the game because I haven't been on in a while. I should be able to do some appropriate promoting and kicking. Will probably be a couple of days before I get a gap.

When I do I may have a forma to throw in, I'll need to check.

Forma is taken care of, all that's left is the sludge.

I'll see what I have. I've only played a couple of times on Orb Vallis though.

Tycho, you're now a Warlord and I kicked a bunch of people who were low level and hadn't been on in over a year.

I also had, ummm 6 sludge so I put that in the bash lab fwiw.

thanks, and hey, that's 6 closer then we were! not that yarelli looks like a particularly good warframe, but it'll be nice for people who want her to be able to make her.

Tycho the Mad wrote:

I have never heard of that so maybe not? Clans have a been a bit undersuoported for the last few years so maybe i just never heard about it though.

I looked it up; I guess clan alliances were originally for Dark Sectors and Solar Rails stuff and have been a bit neglected. They're still in, but they don't do anything other than a shared chat and an alliance vault.

Dumped all of my sludge in as I only play in random bursts currently. Room is building.

Another reason to love pizza!

Report from tennocon, upcoming this year, the new war, a mobile version(didnt say apple, android or both) cross save and cross play between all platforms (demonstrated on stream so it's probably faurly close) . And the new war sneak peek was great.
Fun detail, they hit an all time high player count during the event. So much so that the, already beefed up, servers all webt kablooie.

Whoa cross save... that was always frustrating, after my Switch ran out of space, I couldn't change to PC version.

I just hope they will have a way to merge profiles. I have a Mesa Prime on my secondary pc game I would like to bring over to my primary PS4/5 game.

Tennocon prompted me to jump back in, but being a casual I am so lost. I think I need to pick a single goal and work towards that. I have a bit over 100 hours in game and still haven’t unlocked all the locations, so that’s likely my best place to start. I usually end up solo unless it’s a mission type I need to group for but man do people rush through those missions, it’s nuts.

If you're on pc, neutrino, hal and i have been playing pretty regularly and we'd love a 4th. And of course once there is cross play platform doesnt matter!

I am. Different name but I’m in the clan already, CaptainNapkin.

Interesting, they mention a rough date for the cross play and cross save stuff?

Don't have to be in the clan to game with us
And no date, implied this year though, and they did demonstrate it working live so it's something they have to work the bugs out of, not that they merely want to finish.

Building the new frame because why not?

Why do they keep forcing the K drive into the game? it is fun to mess around with but I almost gave up with that many tasks.

Oh wow, any idea when cross save is coming? I was playing on PS4 but hit a wall with no friends playing there. Would be great to join a GWJ clan!

No date given, but sonce they showed it working, it's gotta be fairly well along.

Just saw that news on another thread. Still not out I guess?

Very excited to play my Switch account on PC at some point.

AFAIK, it's coming out with the New War expansion which was still due out for this year.

Reinstalling on PS4 this weekend to get my sea legs back (well at least a small fraction of them as it's been a few years). Definitely want to move my console account over to PC!

from the dev videos it was not confirmed that cross save/play would come out with new war, just that it was functional (they showed it working) and far along in the pipeline.