I’d like to see more thralls spawn. That alone would improve the grind.

None of the Kuva Weapons appealed to me much, so it wasn't too hard to avoid the lich thing altogether. If they ever add Corpus liches those weapons would probably be more attractive.

Quite significant changes just announced and coming soonish - removal of self damage, changes to status, a refund of railjack costs, reworking arcanes ... There's a write up here

I know alot of people are bitching about it, but I'm actually optimistic about pretty much all the changes. I know it'll mean changing builds, some drastically, but i have hopes that it will actually make more frames and weapons usable.

Talk of rewarding skill and making anything more difficult always gives me pause, because I definitely passed my peak reflexes age some years ago and I worry there will be a day when I just can't play Warframe. But it'll probably be fine, Warframe is always changing and in a few months I won't even notice the changes this patch did.

seeing that the skill recovery only seems to apply to former self damage weapons, it's not gonna be something that you have deal with if you don't want to as far as skill goes. and for the shield gating, we're trying for weak point shots anyway so it's not adding much additional difficulty really.

Considering the disparity in eHP between warframes and higher level enemies such as corrupted, I never felt the way self-damage was implemented made a lot of sense (even compromising your loadout with a maxed cautious shot mod you could do fatal damage to some warframes). I'm not unhappy that it's going away although I appreciate tactics that relied on self-damage are going to be effectively removed from the game, and that won't please everyone.

I haven't been playing warframe as much lately, only logging in when I could play co-op with a friend, but last night (after saying I was content to avoid the lich grind!) I ended up mercy killing a larvaling. The good news is that it was a Kuva Bramma, one of the few weapons that might be worth it. The bad news is that it's only a 31% heat roll, I was on Wisp at the time.

We did the farm for the first murmur. Yeah, I can confirm it's tedious. He's confined to Europa though, so I can ignore him for a bit if I want.

Edit: And it's done, I got lucky part way into the third murmur and managed to guess the sequence. The Kuva Bramma is fun and quite mad, but I don't think there are any other kuva weapons that interest me enough to repeat the process.

I quit out, early, on an ESO run because someone was running, what must have been, a radiation Bramma... self-damages themselves, and with the rad-proc, they kept killing teammates.

I’m looking forward to the removal of self-damage... even with all the cries of “RIP Chroma”

Wink_and_the_Gun wrote:

I quit out, early, on an ESO run because someone was running, what must have been, a radiation Bramma... self-damages themselves, and with the rad-proc, they kept killing teammates.

I’m looking forward to the removal of self-damage... even with all the cries of “RIP Chroma”

I bet all the Chroma's had microscopic pangs of glitch-guilt as they threw there ninja stars into their own feet. They had their time.

anyone want to get together and run the new event together? the rewards seem worth it.

I’ve been able to run several full 17-runs of ground assault.

Good group composition:

Limbo - max duration, standard range, strength, and efficiency - are super-helpful in protection the OpLinks. Pop 4 & 2 when it’s time to drop the OpLinks. If you have a Zaw with Exodia Contagion, you can still help out with DPS, even while rifted.

A Mesa, or 2, are good for killing off the spawns.

A Rhino (or Mirage, if it’s daytime), are good DPS agents, for hitting the Condrix.

just to keep everyone up to date, arcanes of all types have been added to the crimson spear's reward store. if ever you wanted things like arcane energize or anything like that, now is your time. i'd estimate that if you play the 2 missions to completion in 1 cycle (about 40 minutes of play in a 3 hour window) 2 or 3 times a week you'll easily have enough to get arcane energize (for example) up to rank 5. the cheaper arcanes are much faster. given that arcane energize at r5 was running about 1000-1200, it's a pretty good reward.
for low level plays i strongly recommend arcane energize, arcane avenger and arcane guardian as solid first things to go for that are useful almost anywhere.

Yup! So glad I have a way of getting a bunch of (the good) arcanes, because I suck at eidolon hunts. Already got both weapons, the new decorations, and Arcane Nullifier (1 to max), Guardian (0 to max), Grace (0 to max), Velocity (0 to max), and Barrier (0 to max).

I love it - (after the update, it’s now) a full 17 round ground assault (depending on your team - 20 to 30min), plus another 8-round (10min), change relays and do it again - will net you 15k credits. The highest tier Arcanes are 4k/each.

Also, the plants seem to be 5x more common, so I can sneak in some scans for more Apothics :).

Totally agree, and if you want intrinsics, space missions are amazing. I bought a booster to capitalize on it and i get about 80-120 per space mission.
At the beginning of the event i was at 4 4 4 7 and i just got to 8 8 8 9 tonight. Tomorow I might make it to 10 in engineering. I'd be surprised if I'm not at all 10s with some extra by the end of the event.

so, i had a negative player interaction earlier tonight and although i'm not bothered by it, the reaction was measured enough that I figured it might be a good idea to check myself with fellow Warframe players that i can trust to be measured in their response to see if i am actually in the wrong.
so, i was speed running a syndicate capture mission (for a glassmaker weekly) set to public. i meant to be in solo but the last mission i had run didn't end up having anyone join so i forgot to set to solo. i often make this mistake. a player joined just before i completed the objective and asked if i was looking for syndicate medallions. i said no and said i was speedrunning for the weekly since it requires 10 completions. he asked me to join him and i said no i wasn't up for it since my evening game time was short tonight and i had a bunch of missions to run. at this point things started to go downhill and he started to get pretty salty, not 8 year old screaming style, just low level "you're an asshole for not waiting for me since you should be doing what you're doing solo" stuff, mainly for me not wanting to turn a 3 minute mission into a 10 minute one. i said as much (something along the lines of "don't have the time tonight") and got to the exit and gave him an extra minute (not actually on purpose, got knocked out of the extraction zone by a mob). at the end all i could bring myself to say was "dude, it's just a game".

so in the spirit of friendly gaming and trying to be a better gamer, AITA in this situation? I'm cool with my actions, but, did i cross some line in the online gaming code that i was unaware of?

Your good. Syndicate medals takes a lot of time and most public games are speedruns. He should have been solo if he wanted to move slow.

Not sure how you're the asshole when you warned him up front.

I have a soft spot for the medallion hunters, so I'd have probably helped him out. Dunno if that jives with a greater etiquette consensus. From a non-speedrunner POV the runners can be baffling flits of nonsense. Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the singularity.

Yeah, you warned him up front. He could have dropped and restarted.

Finally finished Second Ream. I'd been stuck on Sargas Ruk for a while, and had dropped the game for a few months. I'm glad I did, that was pretty cool.

It is a good quest, I've been meaning to replay it actually. If you continue to have trouble with anything just let one of us know and we can help you out.
Very little of the content can stump 2 determined players

Re: Medallions - nope... he was warned, like above - if he wanted to 100% it, then he could do it solo. Depending I my motivation, I’ll look for, and grab some, but I’m not wasting more time if I’m at the extract with 6/8...

Re: bosses - most of them, I’ve had to look up guides, because a bunch seem to have very specific steps in order to do any damage to them - that aren’t always signposted in the best way.