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This is the first riven I gotfor a weapon I actually like.

I think I'm up to 3 rivens now - including the first one the game introduces you to. I haven't been able to unlock any of them.

Same except I'm up to 6. Insane requirements. Some I don't even understand after probably 200 hours

I had to google a few riven quests. Ivara and Loki have been my go to frames since I seem to get a lot of get a headshot kill at a distance of x without alerting peeps x times.

I have a new riven but can't unveil it without a hobbled dragon key. And I can't get such a key as my friend's dojo doesn't have an Orokin lab (he got the key blueprints another way ages ago). As I understand it the Orokin lab has no real purpose currently.

It's a pain that the game contains so much content that feels vestigial at this point. Why those keys just aren't on the marketplace like the derelict keys are I have no idea.

Just be glad we don't need keys just to do Void missions, if I read correctly how things used to be.

Those dragon keys are used to unlock the vaults in Orokin Derelict missions - the rewards (unique, and highly sought-after mods) are worth it. One of four keys are needed to open the vault, each key inflicts a different debuff to the one carrying it - reduced shields, reduced damage, reduced health, or reduced movement-speed - you can carry all 4, but usually split up among the team. Plus, you need to find the vault hidden somewhere in the map.

Dragon keys are worth it.

I'll help PC players with vault runs, I've got a solo build (limbo is awesome) that's pretty reliable and I'd be happy to sherpa some people. Plus, more vault mods are always good!
On that front, maybe we should organize some game times to do content that people are having trouble with?

Yeah I built a Rhino to solo exterminate vaults with all four keys.

Which makes me wonder.

What is that status of your main frames/weapons?

Happy with:
Rhino Prime
Mesa Prime
Tigris Prime (may need one more forma to max all mods)
Vaykor Hek (needs one more forma to max all mods)
Red Sister (Zaw)
Pyrana Prime

Working on:
Wukong (2 more forma or 1 umbra forma for the frame and 1 more for the staff?) also needs a few mods to drop
Loki Prime (waiting on a number of mods)

Not Started:
Nyx Prime (no idea what I want to build but I love the frame)
Banshee Prime (i need so many mods for my two builds)
A sniper rifle (either Rubico Prime or Vectis Prime)

I find if i focus on on drop of frame too long I get annoyed so I rotate my goals to make sure I still enjoy the game. The plus side of this is that usually I can change my goals so they refill naturally. For example stop farming endo/upgrading relics and just focus on relics or missions and slowly I rebuild the endo stash I once had.

Build that Rubico!

For Endo it makes sense to reach for the tougher challenges like Sorties and Arbitrations. Ayatan statues are the garbage reward for those.

I feel like I should be playing on PC. I started there way back when Warframe was first released to the public, but fell off of it pretty quickly. I peaked in from time-to-time, but never even got a second frame and didn’t really hit the game hard until it came available on PS4.

Over here on console, I’m MR9, up to Sedna and just need to unlock the last Void section and the planet you get Mesa from (Eris?). As far as frames go, I have Frost Prime, Trinity Prime, Nekros Prime, Limbo, Excalibur, Banshee, Ember, Oberon, Nezha , Rhino, Valkyr, and Zephyr and am really close to at least 6 or 7 others including Mirage and Mesa Prime. As far as weapons, I have a lot, but my favorites are Soma Prime and Orthos.

Point is, on console I play pretty much by myself or in Pugs despite being in a clan - in which I don’t know anybody. As a more social gamer and given the constant uphill curve of Warframe, it seems like I would be better served to be over on PC to jump in with you guys, but going back that far is... mind-boggling.

Hehe... “Newhart” - I’m guessing that’s autocorrect for Nezha?

I play with (PC) randos 99% of the time. MR9 is nothing to catch up to... the Primes would be a little more difficult. The easiest Primes are always the “new” ones... EVERYONE is trying for them, so organizing radshares is easy. Once they get a little “older” (even if they’re not vaulted), it gets a little harder to find a group.

I’m at MR21, in a non-active clan (at least they have “everything” researched), I (just) now have every frame (either as a Prime, or a basic) and my arsenal is filling up with weapons of all types.

Summer has destroyed my gaming time, and work-changes are going to have some impact on how I get back, but I’m eager to play with my new toys.

Yeah I've gone too far on Switch to change to PC. Gotta hope for a joint account system someday.

Wink_and_the_Gun wrote:

Hehe... “Newhart” - I’m guessing that’s autocorrect for Nezha?

Yeah, I saw and fixed it shortly after posting.

I'm not as worried about Trinity Prime or Nekros Prime, but Frost Prime is a beast and easily my most used frame to date. I guess the only thing I would actually miss would be her, my Soma Prime rifle, and one or two of my favorite cosmetics. Non-prime frames are fairly easy to replace and I've only spent 5plat on one of the two Mesa Prime parts I have.

I've only made one plat purchase in... how many years ago did WF release on PC? 5? 6? I think I bought like $10 or $15 worth (300plat) about a year ago, so I'd say I've gotten my money's worth out of the game - especially considering I've only spent about 20-30 of it so far.

I'll probably toss it around a little more, but I'm starting to lean toward moving back to PC.

Wink_and_the_Gun wrote:

Those dragon keys are used to unlock the vaults in Orokin Derelict missions - the rewards (unique, and highly sought-after mods) are worth it.

Definitely, and we did some key runs for corrupted mods and to satisfy Nightwave requirements (with him equipping all 4 keys on Nidus). The issue is having to build the Orokin lab to get the blueprints in the first place. I'm sure I'll get them eventually.

Stealthpizza wrote:

What is that status of your main frames/weapons?

My list of frames seems to be ever expanding (I'm one part each away from building Volt Prime, Rhino Prime and Wukong Prime) and quite a few are sitting in the foundry unclaimed ... but all I actually seem to play now is Wisp - It's been awesome for pretty much everything. Weapons are typically a 5 (soon to be 6) forma Ignis Wraith, with either the Catchmoon or Cyanex (which is fantastic with Wisp's speed mote buff), and the Paracesis.

A lot of the guns are gimmicky and I find myself actively avoiding semi triggers now unless they're on aoe weapons because of the amount of clicking involved. I build a Tombfinger and it's really powerful but using it makes my mouse hand hurt. So I stopped. Ignis is comfortable because you can just hold the button.

Just got all the BP’s for Limbo Prime, now to get the mats I need.

I started on Xbox. I’m a looot farther on there than I am on Switch, but it a lot more on switch. I’m with Stele, I hope for cross progression someday. I don’t know if it will ever happen.

EDIT: first set done. Nano Spores and Plastids. Now for Nightwave farming to get Nitain and then I have to figure out where to go in the void for Argon. I have everything else needed

athros wrote:

I have to figure out where to go in the void for Argon. I have everything else needed

On the very first leg, there's a capture mission I think. It's quick to find the enemy, then you can scour the level for argon crystals. Usually other people are doing the same and will mark them on the map when found. Got a couple last night from that.

BTW argon crystals disappearing is the dumbest of dumb gameplay designs. I don't give a sh*t about lore, having a resource that is a rare drop that you farm that can suddenly disappear form your inventory is bullsh*t gameplay. Even if they come up with some lame argon storage vault that you have to craft or spend credits on if they want to keep their lore, they need to fix that yesterday.

God knows how many I wasted over weeks or months when I didn't know they vanished.

Yeah me too. I had 10 or so, so I though “Hell yeah I got this for Limbo Prime” and nothing.

Ok. Capture in the void it is.

EDIT: good call. All 3 Limbo Prime parts will be done in 12 hours.

I ended up jumping on my PC account last night. It's MR2 (although I hit MR3 before I logged off for the night... Woooooooo!) and the only frame I had was Excalibur; I also had two pieces for Rhino and two pieces for Banshee. The upside was even though I'm way behind where my PS4 account is in terms of quests, frames, mods, etc., I actually had access to quite a few planets that wouldn't normally be available to such a low level account because the account was made long before the mandatory relay "mini quests" between the planets were implemented.

Another plus was as soon as I logged in, I got an offer for 75% off platinum purchases for 48 hours. So, I bought 1000 plat for about $12 and immediately purchased the Gunslinger (Mesa) bundle. And since I already had access to Saturn, it was easy to jump into the Helene defense mission for some quick leveling.

To be honest, I'm a little apprehensive about Mesa... I've wanted her since she first arrived in the game and now that I've got her, I think I like Frost Prime better. He's far more survivable and I'm admittedly not that great of a player to begin with - Warframe's movement speed and parkour are beyond my ability to truly master. He (Frost) can also lay down some serious AOE damage with his #4 ability and Mesa's #4 (and other abilities, for that matter) seems really weak in comparison. I'm really hoping that feeling that will change as I finish leveling her up, learn how she operates, and get her kitted up a bit.

Anyway, long story - short; I think I'm committed to the platform change and I'll be looking to join the PC clan. I think I'll probably end up spending some plat to change it, but for now, my old account name is "wykdvypr". Hope to see some of you guys soon.

Have heard about the 75% off being more likely to drop when you take a break from the game.

Mesa's 4 is way better than Frost's everything. Don't have to tank if everything is dead.

My poor Mesa only ever sees Index maps... she’s just so good at it. Keep her 2 & 3 active, keep her energy up (orbs and energizing dash), hit 4 whenever I find an enemy... hold mouse 1 until dead :). I mark the “chips” for the Rhinos to collect.

I’ve found that frames/weapons really shine with access to the right mods - it’s what really makes or breaks the game. Without things like the 60/60s and corrupted mods (Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude, Narrow Minded, et al) they feel weak.

I got some more time last night to chip away at the Nightwave missions... I’d love to get my hands on another Umbral Forma.

Yeah I like my Rhino but if I can ever get that drop for the last syndicate rank to get some mods for him I will love him.

rhino prime is out of the vault right now, very much worth grabbing while he's available.

Oh I'm fully aware. Got a couple parts for Nyx prime already and several relics with Rhino parts. Planning to open a few this weekend.

I am still working on nightwave so I can make an umbral wukong prime.

All this talk about Mesa reminds me why I love her. Press 4 hold down shoot button clear the room. If I am on her and someone goes down usually I just clear the room so the rest of the squad can heal the wounded person in peace.

I'm guessing I kind of hamstringed myself with her... if you farm her the "right" way, you'll have plenty of leveled mods by the time you reach Eris to get her. But if you're like me, moving over to a basically new account from another platform and buying her with plat as a snot-nosed (account) noob, you have nothing and feel pretty stoked about your first Serration - which I can neither confirm nor deny I might have picked up just last night.

She came with a few goodies that I've never played with before ie. Paracyst, Gammacor, Redeemer, and the High Noon Redeemer mod. So, maybe she won't be too rough for too long. Redeemer and High Noon at least seem pretty cool and might even give my personal favorite - Orthos - a run for its money.

"Slice, slice, BOOM!!!"

I forgot to mention that my in-game name is the same as my forum name.

Also, I'm going to comment that it feels annoying that they make challenges to find hidden caches that are on unmarked spots on the map, but half the time I go exploring some nook or edge where I think a path might be, I get a fade to Black or an invisible wall. I know there's no penalty for that and jumping into an abyss etc, but it feels not the greatest. Oh well, everything has to have limits.

Question: is there a command to show ping? Didn't see it in options but maybe I missed it.
Also also, I'm sure this is not an original observation, but I always get it stuck in my head


/ping might give you your ping, i think there's an option in settings somewhere that lets you display your ping on your hud too.
And yes, caches are immensely annoying, especially since some drops are tied to them.

Get and fully upgrade Thief’s Wit. It makes finding caches super easy for me.

Can I get a PC clan invite? Send to “wykdvypr”, please. Also, I’ll probably be on most of day and late into this evening, if anyone wants to pal around with me and my lowbie self.

“Pro” cache-hunters use a max-range/efficiency Limbo with the “faster casting speed” mod to pop everything (except the caches) - so whatever’s left (on the map) is a cache (or a vacuumable item.