I think my confusion lies in their re-use of names - orokin cell, orokin reactor, orokin catalyst. What does what? Are they the same thing? Are they different? Where are they dropped? Are they BPs? Are they foundry items? Do I get them from the market? Are they plat? Credits?

Reactors and Catalysts are the precious ones. They double the mod capacity on frames and guns. I can never remember which is which. Those mostly come from relatively rare alerts, some very rare drops, or 20 plat. The community refers to them as potatoes because they looks like potatoes.

Cells are a more generic ingredient for all kinds of stuff and aren't nearly as rare.

The Orokin are one of the human... subspecies/civilizations in the game. You'll see a lot of references to them.

Sorry, that was more of my internal ramble.

It only gets worse. The further in you get, the more material types, currencies, mod types, etc., you'll have to deal with. Sort of like jumping off the deep end with all of the currencies and factions that WoW has implemented to-date.

Yeah, only worry about the things you need now usually until you slowly learn. So many system's and materials and each of the new open world area has added it's own materials that are only used for things on that planet.

I feel like I was weapon cycling so much because I was trying to boost my MR progress, but I don’t think hitting 30 is adding as much, as fast, as just clearing “blue diamonds”.

Never got my Twitch Prime weapons but found a forum thread saying the same in November and a patch should address it for Switch users soon.

That might help me in the early game eh?

EDIT: Looks like the patch today or yesterday fixed it. New blades and guns when I logged in.

MR6, wooo!

Sticking with a maxed out Hek, Kraken, and working on my dual skana, for now. Stolen Dream(?) finished - continuing Jupiter.

Back to streaming my flailing about

XP is split between weapons and frames - apparently even if they’re already max level. So, level your gear the most quickly, only use a single weapon. If you’re leveling a frame, your weapon should be maxed and visa-versa.

If I’m farming for materials, doing alerts, or just leveling, I always run this configuration and ensure I always have a frame or weapon equipped to level.

Mesa Prime was just teased on the devstream. Mesa Prime is next Prime.

You are correct xp is split even if a weapon is maxed.

escher77 wrote:

Mesa Prime was just teased on the devstream. Mesa Prime is next Prime.

This makes me happy!

ranalin wrote:
escher77 wrote:

Mesa Prime was just teased on the devstream. Mesa Prime is next Prime.

This makes me happy!

December 18th

Logged in again and noticed some nice tweaks on the interface
And a new quest. Good stuff!

I knew about the XP-split - I ran quite a few missions without either a primary or a secondary (no way I’m going anywhere without a melee - it’s my favourite weapon-slot). Even did a number with neither - I wanted to level out the Fragor, FAST (it did a descent ground-pound, but that’s about it).

Building all the parts for the Oberon, because I had all 3... just need the BP itself.

ranalin wrote:
escher77 wrote:

Mesa Prime was just teased on the devstream. Mesa Prime is next Prime.

This makes me happy!

Me too!

Ok, so I'm having some Limbo woes. I started leveling him this week and don't have a clue how he really works. Dropped mods, ammo, affinity, etc. started following me around the map, sound partially muted, and a few other things. So, I start mashing skill buttons and eventually come out of it. We end the first 5 rounds and everyone abandons the missions. Next match, same thing.

So, I go do a search to figure out some build/mod pairings and maybe a video on how to play him. What I find instead is a whole lot of bitching about how annoying he is. That's when I discover that apparently me and my enemies aren't the only ones getting sucked into 'The Void', but my teammates are as well. Reading seems to indicate something about the Banish skill.

So, I log back in and decide I'm going to just avoid using skills. I'll level up and then go find a place to solo and play around with him for a bit. The problem is, at the end of a round or the beginning of the next, I seem to find myself back in the Void again without using any damn skills. To make matters worse, I've now discovered there's some weird icon next to one of my teammates names, he has now died several times, and has apparently given up and is hiding the best he can in a out of the way corner. I try several skills on him and myself and while I can pull myself out of it (still not really sure which skill or how), he just seems to be stuck there in the corner with that damn icon stapled to his ass.

...and again, the first 5 rounds end and everyone abandons the mission.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with Limbo?!!!

Ok. To start. Limbo was reworked about 6 months ago. So depending on what video's you watched or things you read some might be out of date.

I am not familiar with Limbo post update. The frame supposedly got to be far less annoying. That being said. Limbo has always been useful in high level content but very hard to play with unless everyone playing understands his mechanics with "the void" or whatever it is called. If you bound a roll key (use to be unbound by default) the easy way is if you are in void you roll you get out. I bound it to "~" personally.

As far as I am knowing you should not be randomly putting anything in void without using skills. Do note the absolute fastest way to level a frame is to go into Sanctuary Onslaught and go as many waves as you can get others to do. Doing 3-4 runs should max a frame.

Unless you are playing with a group I would recommend just leveling the frame then leaving for at least now. They said it might be up for another rework but have lots of other reworks they want to do first. Every game has their mistakes and honestly Limbo is one of them.

Limbo's leave a little fart behind when they "roll". Other players enter the void when they touch the fart, and can leave the void by rolling themselves. Limbo's roll looks like a hover dash, and it also puts him the void.

It is like a free extra power that I've always found annoying.

The utility of Limbo is really high on level 100 missions, but more than half the playerbase does not understand what he's about so it is just a huge pain for everyone.

Limbo can create it's own plane. Within the plane, you can not damage anything outside it.
But, nothing outside, can damage anything within.
There is a spell for just you, and that makes it great to revive teammates for instance.
Or create this pick up for teammates and a bubble I believe. It has been a while....
Btw, you can also not pick anything up, when on the other plane.

Sparhawk wrote:

Btw, you can also not pick anything up, when on the other plane.

It will chase you around the map and obstruct your view though.

vypre wrote:
Sparhawk wrote:

Btw, you can also not pick anything up, when on the other plane.

It will chase you around the map and obstruct your view though.


Totally forgot after reading it this morning - Fortuna update is now live on Xbox and PS4. Switch is on an even older build.

After updating, I dropped into Fortuna last night and knocked out the main quest. Given where I'm at in the game (just reached Sedna a couple days ago), it was pretty easy (I think the mobs were all only level 6-8 and were more threatening in their occasional sheer numbers than actual ability). The only problem I faced was a small-scale excavation type mission that refused to spawn the Corpus Carriers that drop energy cells for the extractor. I gave it a good 10-15 minutes of fighting before aborting the mission and restarting, after which they immediately showed up.

After finishing the quest, I started doing some bounties for the new syndicate and got my blueprint for the Garuda chassis. Looking at the recipe, it looks like Fortuna also introduces a bunch of map specific materials. So, from what I've found so far, I'm assuming it will end up taking longer to farm the mats than it will to get the blueprints (for Garuda).

My initial thoughts are that the new zone is enormous and visually pleasing, the hover board is fun, but the map doesn't seem very useful. For the latter, it could be that I just don't know how to use it as I haven't played much of the Plains of Eidolon either. Overall, I did have a lot of fun with the 2 or so hours I spent with it last night and I absolutely loved the little ditty the workers sing when you first drop into the safe zone. I'm looking forward to spending more time there and will be interested to see exactly how the new weapons function.


Fortuna Ditty (No video/spoilers):

After listening to it again and thinking about what I've played so far, I feel like Mesa would have been a better frame than Garuda to accompany this new content. Maybe it's not a total coincidence that Mesa Prime was just announced and will be here next week.

And since we're on the subject, OMG SHE LOOKS AH-MAZING!!!
(Although the bikini/assless chaps might be a bit much)



They always try to give a new frame with lore reasons for the new area's. Being that Mesa Prime is a Prime frame and already has her lore it wouldn't really make sense to link it to Fortuna. Not to mention they have IMO a really good system for the Prime frames with the relics.

Oh, I know they all have their own lore and Mesa's has already been established. I just meant that if things were different and she hadn't been released before now, she'd be a perfect fit for the steampunk western feel I get from Fortuna. Along those lines, even though the Prime's don't change the lore any, I have to wonder if it was completely coincidental on DE's part that MP is being released now.

As for Garuda, we don't really know her story yet - DE has stated there's more to come on that front.


All we know so far is that the Fortuna workers found her blueprint tangled up in some fungi in Vallis and Eudico sent it to our email after the completion of the Vox Solaris quest.

Not going to lie I actually know nearly none of the lore. I just know it exists.

Nice to see that they're implementing modder's content into the game as well.

Only way up to this point to get a cowboy hat like that for Mesa was to pay like 2$ for it.

Depends if that modder is getting paid. The reason it use to cost $2 is he got most of that money.

That Mesa Prime does like sweet indeed