I seem to have a soft spot for Digital Extremes, although I acknowledge they've never had a massive hit I'm always curious about what they put out, and it's usually interesting in some form. Warframe is described as a Coop online PvE shooter, beta in fall, releases in winter.

Some of the stuff in that video reminds me of the initial showing of Dark Sector.

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Scratched wrote:

Warface is described as a Coop online PvE shooter

I suspect this might be a problem for them.

shoptroll wrote:
Scratched wrote:

Warface is described as a Coop online PvE shooter

I suspect this might be a problem for them.

Yeah... similar names and all

Edit incoming.

There is nothing in that video that makes me want to play Warframe/face instead of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

You mean other than not being from EA/Bioware?

Man that reminds me of a trailer I saw years ago that was, I think, by DE as well. I don't think the game ever got made/released but it looked cool. It was a similar sort of super-powered suit set on a space station and it was stealth orientated. Not sure if it was the original premise for dark sector...

Wikipedia, you save my ass on so many occasions!!

wikipedia[/url]]The game was originally intended to take place in a science-fiction environment, in outer space, with players taking the role of a character that inhabits a sleek mechanical suit with incredible powers. The game was officially revealed by Digital Extremes' in late 2005, around the time of the original release of the Xbox 360.[27]

Original video of Dark Sector:

Protagonist looks like the suit you see in the Warframe video above at 0:16.

I always wanted to play the Sci Fi Dark Sector... not the crap they eventually released...

[edit] Holy crap, it's the same game! Even the bad guys in power armour are the same - you can see their faces in the original one too!

/me is now excited about this game - crap name or not!

There you go, Scratched.

Mine, https://www.playwarframe.com/?ref=86...

A new, very tiny, bit of gameplay footage:


Also, is that Cortana's voice actress?

I got an email for closed beta, but it won't let me log in to activate. Anybody else?

I just into the beta using one of these codes.
It's quite interesting so far.


Thanks. In and downloading.

Doesn't seem to be NDA'ed, so there's probably going to be a bunch of talk about it soon.

This is pretty much exactly the game that was shown in 2004 as dark sector, before that was the name put onto the other game.

First impressions are pretty damn awesome. It's a team based co-op mission running (1-4P, can be done solo), think Payday but (so far) a bit less complex, and a campaign of missions to go through. Third person shooting/melee, persistent character development, it looks quite slick, the AI isn't too bad. I'd encourage anyone interested to check it out.

Stylez and I have played some of the beta and it's definitely got potential, though it's still early. Some of the sounds are improperly mixed and way too loud, combat's fun but feels stiff in places, there's a definite lack of levels (though they've acknowledged this and more are coming) and their founder's pricing is kind of ridiculous. Stylez described this game as feeling a bit like Mass Effect 3's multiplayer crossed with Vanquish and I can definitely see how that appeals. I really like how they've taken the free-to-play concept to something that isn't just straight up competitive. I'm anxious to put more time into it and see how it evolves.

Giant Bomb Quick Look.

Played a bit once they got in key bind customization. It's not bad, it is just I haven't seen anything that I just feel like makes me want to keep playing long term.

But I'm giving it some time. Will keep checking back since this seems pretty early.

Looks like according to the vid above that controllers are working now. I haven't tried.

Putty Man! With kungfu action guns and sword. Downloaded it, got a few levels, got tired of joining matches in progress where no one had a clear idea how to progress the mission. The repetitive nature of the map layouts didn't help there, either. Some potential, but clearly a work in progress.

I love to play more of this, but since my 8 upgrade, Warframe's patcher doesn't work.

I found there was a bit more enemy variation once you're off Mercury, it feels like a bit of a slog initially with the sameness.

Update 6 - "New Stompin’ Grounds"

Lots of changes since our 5.4.x update! A new environment, new Warframes, expanded upgrades and more Ninja moves!

Forced respec has been done for all Warframes! Please use the Arsenal screen to redesign your upgrades and Mods from an expanded set!


  • All New Grineer Asteroid Base – explore and battle in a brand new location set!
  • Frost! A new ice-based Warframe with chilling power!
  • Nyx! A psychic-based Warframe named by our Design Council!
  • Wall Running – a new Space Ninja Style mobility option to master!
  • Zip-lines – take on foes while ziplining across the more open spaces of the Grineer set!
  • New weapons: Dual Zoren, Akbolto, and Boltor!
  • Alternate helmet designs available in the Market for several Warframes.
  • Solar Map has expanded with two new regions: Ceres and Eris.
  • Two more deadly bosses added, proceed with caution, Tenno!
  • More enemy types have emerged: Grinder and Infested Charger.
  • Dynamic Lighting added to Display Options for those with older hardware.
  • Firewall/NAT detection added to Options to diagnose connectivity/contact issues.

Each Warframe now has a custom upgrade tree with more choices and increased specialization! You must respec as a result of this change!
Player will now be teleported back to their previous spot on the ground after jumping into pits.
Warframes now have different starting statistics for key attributes.


  • Fix for Jackal falling through elevator and not spawning in proper room.
  • Fixed issue where players were stuck on black screen if mission failed.
  • Fixed disappearing datamass problems on host crashes.
  • Fixed extraction ship disappearing when all players were in level-end without completing missions.
  • UPnP, connectivity and Contact fixes. If you are still having problems run the Network test on the Options screen.
  • Performance improvements for particle-heavy scenes (fire and ice).
  • Launcher and Update fixes related to local internet caches and work-offline modes.

[snip] lots of updates to translations [/snip]

Enjoy Update 6, Tenno!

Source: https://forums.warframe.com/index.ph...

I would like to buy some of the in-game credits but damn, the exchange rate is a bit bonkers

seswa wrote:

I would like to buy some of the in-game credits but damn, the exchange rate is a bit bonkers :(

That's one thing that's putting me off Warframe long-term, that everything's so damn expensive in terms of playtime. It doesn't exist in a vacuum, and Planetside2 seems to have pitched it's time investment vs reward point just right, so that's going to get more time from me.

Anyone dl and play yet?
I'm going to TONIGHT! Just curious how it plays.

Stylez and I have played this a bunch, though I'd like to play more. There's real promise in this game.

Downloaded it yesterday and went through the tutorial this morning. Looking forward to doing my first mission tonight.

I've dabbled with it a little. So far nothing has really struck me as out of the ordinary.

I played it a bit last night. OK I played a lot. I only did the first 3 missions, and I did the first 2 over a few times to get the feel of it before I decide to move on.

I actually really enjoyed it. The art is nicely detailed. The missions are pretty basic but the point of the game, at least so far, has been to amass experience and gain levels to better your equipment and collect upgrades. The characters grow and retain thier advances which adds to the ownership of your work. I hate games that give you a cookie-cutter that you have to follow. With the upgrades and varied weapons available it really is up to you how you want to advance.

I've so far only played the Excalibur Warframe. It's got some fun abilities but as I said, only being now level 5 I have only scratched the surface of what it can do. I've used a skill that flashes a blinding light (Radial Blind) and stuns the foes around. This obviously gives you a chance to either seek cover or execute a quick attack. Another skill I acquired was the Slash Dash. It throws you at great speed in whatever direction you are pointing and does a power slash attack at any baddies in your way.

I haven't tried it with a controller but I expect it would fair very will with one. Perhaps I'll try it tomorrow.

so far I am enjoying it and can even see myself putting a few coins into this machine to speed up my weapon acquisition. As it stands you don't need to buy platinum to advance as you find credits in the game. these will allow you to buy most weapons and some upgrades.

Pick up groups are getting better as they seem to learn what needs to be done. I liek to explore though, so having to run through the level to reach the end went by too fast. Not enough time to find storage crates and lockers for goodies. Would be good to play with friends with that in mind.

Seems their servers are down today; even their sight is offline.
Was looking at putting quality time into this today. Enjoy it so far with a good friend of mine.

I was playing for a while on Sunday. Lots of fun when you find a good group, sadly they are different each time you join up. Need to get a group together and stick to it.

I'd throw my name up there! Open it for edit and I'll add my info

Discovered this game last weekend on steam and have been very much enjoying it... That is, when the servers are working... Anyway, I thought it might be fun to set up a GWJ group of semi-low ranking frames for an evening. Has anyone made a spreadsheet like this one yet for aliases and the like yet?
EDIT: Spreadsheet should be open to editing now.

Anyone have any luck crafting stuff? I just acquired a Warframe blueprint and the requirements don't make any sense.
Also, is there a particular location in the Jupiter system where Neural Sensors are less rare?

Eldon_of_Azure wrote:

Anyone have any luck crafting stuff? I just acquired a Warframe blueprint and the requirements don't make any sense.
Also, is there a particular location in the Jupiter system where Neural Sensors are less rare?

Check out this video, it should clear some stuff up.