GWJ Co-op Mud Movers Night (Combat sims)


This thread will be to discuss regular/semi-regular simming nights.

Suggested sims:

DCS A-10
DCS Black Shark 2
Flaming Cliffs 2
Falcon 4.0 BMS
Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum
Armed Assault 2
Swat 4

Other suggestions are welcome. The emphasis will be on co-operative rather than adversarial flying.

Voice comms are mandatory - We will be using the GWJ Ventrilo server - GWJ Mud Movers channel
Please try to avoid general sim discussion in this thread. There are multiple dedicated threads for these sims.

Rub a dub subbed!

I'm in for the following:

DCS A-10
DCS Black Shark 2
Flaming Cliffs 2

I had to order some stuff for my HOTAS, so it'll probably be 2 weeks before I can play. However, I'm going to suggest a Tuesday or Thursday night. Also I'm on the west coast. What time zone is everyone else on?

I know Stylez and I are EST.

So how do we report an account for spamming?

pm Certis

I may be interested in some sim time tonight.. but not to late

I've almost got my rig and desk back together. Hopefully this Thursday I'll be testing A-10 and Blackshark with my new setup.

I'd certainly be able to fly some Blackshark 2, but I've been away from A-10 for a while now.

If anyone is interested I'll probably be flying this weekend. Thinking about jumping back into A-10, but would also be happy to fly some Black Shark 2.

Look for me in the Vent server.

I've created a Steam group so we can post meetups.

Let me know if you want an invite.

Yes, please. My rig & desk is finally done, so I'm ready. Just need to find the proper time.

My Rig is done as well! Right now I don't have installed anymore, due to this DCS world thing, but according to the SimHQ forums and the "Hoggit" subreddit, there's all manner of issues in hosting a server right now. We may have to wait a week or two for that to get fixed up.

Nice, I'm upgrading my rig in the next couple of weeks.

I haven't spent any time with it, but may get back into it in the fall. Sort of waiting for some of the bugs to get sorted out.