Gnomoria Catch-all (Graphical Dwarf Fortress-like) [in Alpha]

Gnomoria is the current deal over at Sounds like it's a $10 suggested, but it's pay what you want, so anything over a $1 nets you a desura code. There are about 52 hours left on the deal clock as I post this. Remember you could always just buy it direct for $7.99

I assure you I'm NOT a spambot.

0.8.16 is out! Doors serve a purpose!

•Goblins have discovered how to make bronze. Bronze armored goblins will start to show up between copper and iron
•Goblins have enlisted the help of their ogre cousins to fight gnomes. Ogres don't wear armor but have thick hides that are resistant to blunt damage and vulnerable to slashing attacks.
•Gnomes have developed a taste for goblin meat (it tastes exactly like revenge) and goblins and ogres can now be butchered.

Wild Animals
•Honey badgers, monitor lizards and bears have been spotted
•Wild animals will avoid gnomes typically but will attack if caught by surprise or cornered
•Wild animals can be butchered for meat and hides. Bear hides are tougher than the other animals but weaker than ogre hide

•Mants are a race of ant people that have started to raid gnome settlements
•Mants will send a single scout to look for gnomes. If the scout returns to the colony, they will return with a larger attack force
•Mants will attack in greater numbers if the gnomes have an abundance of food or drink

•Beetles can now be found underground in the dark
•If left alone, beetles will make cocoons. A cocoon can mature into a beetle and the process will continue.
•Typically beetles will stay near their nest but will attack if there are enough of them.

•Doors now block enemy movement. Enemies will attack and can destroy doors if they want to get through.
•Training doesn't use ammo
•If a gnome has higher Fighting skill than Brawling and they aren't currently carrying anything, they won't pick up random items to fight with.
•Yaks and alpacas will now kick enemies in defense

•Crash on load in a rare case
•Golems spawning in light and goblins sneaking past gnomes
•Squad members getting stuck trying to pick up ammo with a full ammo container, when better ammo exists

I'd never played long enough to encounter any of the beasties, but some Mants just introduced themselves by wiping out "The Land of Teeth" on the 7th day of summer, Year 1. Brutal.

Update for Halloween! changelog wrote:

In the spirit of Halloween, Gnomoria gets a couple new undead enemies.

They spawn underground and get stronger the deeper they spawn
They carry weapons and can have a helmet and breastplate

They spawn underground and spawn in greater numbers at a greater depth
If a zombie bite contacts blood it can infect a gnome
A zombie infection won't kill a gnome but if a gnome ever dies, they will turn into a zombie

Goblins spawn in slightly greater numbers but weaker armor and weapons and lower skills
Goblins can spawn with two handed weapons or 2 one hand weapons in addition to a weapon and shield from before
Beetles only spawn at depth -10 and lower and won't spawn before Fall
Mants no longer show up during Year 1
Significantly increased trap damage
Reduced meat from wild animals

Wood doors being invincible
Resistances for heat damage

Fixed crash on loading saves from earlier versions

And 0.8.18 is out.

•Adjusted enemy spawns so that lower tier enemies still spawn at slightly higher kingdom worth or lower depth while higher tier enemies remain the same
•Underground enemies can not spawn in mined out cells for 2 days
•Underground enemies no longer spawn on cells with a construction - block floors, stairs, workshops, etc
•Added hot key to toggle highlighting areas that are dark enough for enemies to spawn in
•Crates can now store claymores, battle axes, warhammers, torches, pistols, blunderbusses and crossbows

•No longer using XACT
•Added 3 new songs
•Replaced combat music
•Shuffle music on repeat instead of long periods of silence
•Loosened music choice conditions to only day/night so that rarely heard songs play more often

•Crash on load in some cases
•Rare crash when animals try to leave and their path is blocked
•Pathing issue when start and end positions are both under water
•Gnomes getting stuck trying to pick up two handed items
•Gnomes only filling a quiver or ammo pouch with 1 ammo

I'm slowly trying out these changes to enemy spawns and will continue to make adjusts based on feedback. In general, enemies at the copper and bronze levels will spawn in a wider range of Kingdom Worth or depth, while iron and steel level enemies will spawn as before. A higher minimum worth is required for beetles to spawn and at lower values of Kingdom Worth the number of mants will be lower while remaining the same at higher values. The toggle for displaying dark areas ignores depth and constructions, meaning some cells will still be highlighted red when turned on but won't actually spawn enemies.

Hi DF player here.

What's the current situation with this game?

Looking for something lite to play not sure which one to choose.

Please educate me

I'd say this is the closest to df-lite of the three the games you're looking at.

It's really, really good!

Which is to say, it feels like DF-lite done right, and I'm loving the game. Anyone else still poking at this?

I haven't played in a while, just too much going on, not a reflection on the game at all. And since the thread is bumped, I'll post today's patch log.

0.8.25 notes wrote:

This update is the start of an overhaul of crafting and items. Overall, it won't be vastly different from what you're used to. There are around 50 new items this patch, where most of them are intermediate items used to craft workshops or finished goods. Many recipes have had their ingredient quantities reduced but might require more steps to craft from scratch. Job completion times have also been increased across the board.

There is also a stricter progression of workshops now. In order to build a workshop, many require a specific item that is crafted in a different workshop. The first workshop that can be built is a Crude Workbench. This workshop works slower than others but doesn't craft anything that can't be crafted somewhere else. Once other workshops have been built, the Crude Workbench is safe to deconstruct.

When loading old save games, some jobs that are no longer valid will be cancelled. After loading a game, it would be a good idea to just check your workshops to see where you might need to recreate jobs. However, to get the full experience of the changes, I recommend starting a new game with this update.

With an update like this, I'll be closely watching everyone's feedback and expect to make some adjustments. Some things might be much harder or easier now and I'll try to work out the kinks as quick as I can.

For the next patch, I plan on focusing on fixing bugs. After that, I will continue along changes that go with today's patch:
•New crops and updated food and drink recipes
•New constructions such as, fences, tapestries, tombs, etc
•Adjustments to plant growth and animal breeding rates
•Updated item and construction values, as well as updates to formulas for spawning gnomads, merchants and enemies
•New merchant types to offer more and better goods
•UI updates for things like feedback on why jobs aren't starting, allowing items to queue for crafting when components haven't been discovered yet

v0.8.25 changelog
•Added 50 new items
•Updated many recipes
•Added Crude Workbench and Bonecarver
•Increased job completion time

•Added knife, windmill blade, cylinder, spike, grain, chisel, wrench and straw bed tiles
•Updated various existing tiles

•Some workshop tiles always drawing as if they were in light

Ugh, I wish I could get this on Steam already. Tic.. toc..

Shawnosaurus wrote:

Ugh, I wish I could get this on Steam already. Tic.. toc..

It's only $8 on Desura, or directly from the dev. Steam's great, but that's no reason to not get this if you're interested now. Especially since there will be a 20% price increase once it's out of alpha!

So, now this is on Steam, any thoughts of how worthy of a "successor" it is to DF at this point? How deep is the gameplay?



I picked it up since it's on Steam. It's definitely easier to figure out than DF but it's still not easy...

garion333 wrote:


I skipped the "Anyone? Anyone?"

I live life in the fast lane.

I've backburnered this one for a while while things simmered, but came back to it this weekend only to find out that crafting seems to have really gotten more complex. Not to mention there is a lot more wildlife and apparently my gnomes like to charge bears.

My opinion is that this is easily worth the $8. If you have any interest at all you won't regret dropping less than the cost of a six-pack on it.

Well, I enjoyed Gnomoria before but it's a lot more fleshed out and challenging now. My current world is just about to wipe, signaled by a goblin picking up the door that had been battered down and commencing to beat my gnomes with it.


Bumping because, according to Steam, I've put 50 hours into this in the past 2 weeks.

Edit: As long as I can stay safely behind my walls, I do ok but those poor gnomads...

Yeah, I'm back into it myself. Getting started up is a whole different animal than it was six months ago. The nicest addition was the "create ingredients automatically" option when you build something, but jeebus you need a lot of workshops early. My work-in-progress "tech tree" looks like this so far (I'd love some feedback, as I'm still having trouble working through the basic survival part of e first three seasons.)

- Rough Workbench
- Stonecutter
- Stonemason
- Woodcutter
- Carpenter
- Kitchen
- Distillery
- Loom
- Bonecarver
- Tailor
...followed by the workshops around forging metal into tools, weapons, and Armour, though I haven't survived long enough t hit that point yet.

My sticking point is usually bone - does anyone have strategies for getting bone quickly without sacrificing one of the yaks? I find a tailor really important for getting bandages, because I usually need them by that point.

A graphical dwarf fortress you say? hmmmmm.

Its $4 for today on Steam. I suppose that's entirely too cheap not to do

At that price it's impossible not to buy it.

About an hour into it. Just a huge freaking smile on my face. Of course nothing bad has happened yet.

EDIT: Never mind, posted from the first page of the thread not seeing the last couple of posts.

Was just curious if it was worth it.

EDIT2: Bought. Is key remapping broken? #[email protected]()*$ I can unmap, but can't remap a key. I can only go back to default.

EDIT3: Found the settings.ini in My Docs.


"Ha, stupid goblin! You thought that you were attacking me defenseless in my sleep, but you fell right into my trap! I was actually hiding my weapon in plain sight. Your copper hammer is no match for this birch bed!"

Gotta love some furniture-based violence

I picked this up in the sale too, and I actually feel guilty about how little I paid for it for what it has brought me, clocking in 11 hours over the weekend there... The whole dwarf/mining/crafting/fortress-ing genre has kinda passed me by, though it has always just-about grabbed my attention enough, but I'm glad I picked this up. Due to lack of experience, and the complete lack of a tutorial, I was a bit confused to begin with.

I changed the difficulty to Peaceful to begin with, so I could learn what the heck is going on, and what I'm supposed to be doing, and it's all slowly falling into place. I want to get through the building economy for making weapons and armour before I go back and start a new game on normal. I can't, however, seem to find anything apart from clay and that blue stone... Sometimes it has a little coal or copper in it, but I can't seem to find anything else to mine. Maybe I'm not digging a wide enough area, or not deep enough (Think I got to level -8, but not over a large area - only blue stone!) Any tips for how/where to find other resources?

So, some newbie questions:

Do you guys build a fort-type base, or dig yourself one? I seem to prefer going down the route of having a small-ish outdoor area for farms and pastures, walled, of course, and the rest of the base is underground.

Are there any dangers I should be aware of with this idea once I man up and push the difficulty back up?

Do things only spawn in certain locations, or anywhere that's 'dark'?

How do you combat the fact that every gnome seems to think that hauling dirt/stone is MUCH higher importance than their own trade, or gathering food?

Once you've picked (foraged?) all the apples and they sit on the ground, do they ever disappear or are they perma-apples?

My Storage area(s) are getting to be pretty HUGE, with all manner of stuff in them (At one time I collected around 800 apples, and they were all on the floor). I'm building crates and barrels as often as I can, but usually there's something else that requires the planks more than me tidying the place. what am I doing wrong?

I'm seemingly having difficulty attracting new gnomes, usually getting only 1 new one at a time. How often do you get new gnomes? why don't they want to come live with me?

That's all for now (although I have about a million other questions stored up, some of which I'll hopefully answer myself by trial and error).

omnipherous wrote:

Due to lack of experience, and the complete lack of a tutorial, I was a bit confused to begin with.

This guide is excellent.

I use a hybrid base.

The problem with a completely walled base is the fact that gnomads can't get in. On the flip side, if your gnomes can get out, the sometimes make questionable decisions. I long for a lockable door that I can use the control comings and goings. On my current base, my "door" is actually a bridge from the wall to a nearby hill. There are multiple ramps to the top of the wall around the perimeter but the closest one to the door drops down into the yak pasture. Inevitably, this is the one the goblins take. They then start attacking the yaks (I've got way too many and can spare a couple as fodder) and the yaks soften them up while I rally the troops. It's sub-optimal but it's working out well.

Also, pro-tip: Create one squad for each gnome. Give the unit perk "way of the gnome" (since you don't have any weapons) and the squad perk that gives them a speed bonus for every vacant slot. Since every squad has 4 vacant slots, you've got a herd of ninjas swarm the gobbos when they come knocking. More here.

Animals and Invaders spawn at the map's edge on the surface. Monsters spawn underground (level 8 and below) in dark places. "They can be prevented from spawning in an area by placing torches, though this will not prevent them from spawning at any exposed map edges."

Lower the priority on your stockpiles. Make sure that your gnomes have the appropriate professions assigned.

I've seen them hang around for a very long time. They might be permanent. I'd guess that they probably are.

Spending too much time foraging?

Attracting Gnomads, Merchants, and Invaders

omnipherous wrote:

How do you combat the fact that every gnome seems to think that hauling dirt/stone is MUCH higher importance than their own trade, or gathering food?

Like Grumpicus says, use the combination of adjusting what is stored in stockpiles and priorities. Also localize a stone/dirt stockpile in your construction projects. Then when that's done remove the stockpile designation and they'll carry the full stack of 64 rather than one at a time. Another trick is to dump it all on a merchant when they show up. You can instantly get rid of your dirt that way.