Madden 2012 Season Two



GG Zell. Bailey had Calvin on lockdown. I can usually get one of those fades to him. Champ denied him every time. And Stafford had a terrible game accuracy wise to boot. If it wasn't a screen pass, he was looking shaky.

Leroyog wrote:

GG Zell. Bailey had Calvin on lockdown. I can usually get one of those fades to him. Champ denied him every time. And Stafford had a terrible game accuracy wise to boot. If it wasn't a screen pass, he was looking shaky.

true...I was happy with Bailey....Von miller wasnt covering Best worth crap. Typically he has the RBs on lock but...this time...not so much. I couldnt stop that end run that he has...he gets the corner to quick....It really didnt help I had 6 or 7 turnovers...I am happy how well I stopped the passing game...just...wasnt enough. Still...Good game...It was enjoyable until the end of the third, lol

That was one of the lowest scoring games I've ever been in.

The chargers resign mike hart and release dante hughes due to our next 2 games against the raiders and the texans. I guess congrats is inorder for the broncos look like leroy was our last chance to see them lose. That didnt happen so with the number 1 seed going into the playoff and being undefeated the pressure is on them to win the super bowl trophy. Peace ALC

I beat the Broncos

yeah...lions won 20-3...turnovers are brutal.

Then good to you leroy ya didnt put the final score in your game recount post. Congrats on beating the last team in season 2 to get a loss this season. Peace ALC

So when we rolling this week

Game play between these 2 division foes. Good game thourgh out as both defense seem to set the tone for this contest. But we were able to shutdown the raiders big play offense for the first 3 quarters. Ryan matthews made a very good return to the lineup and did a very good job of rushing the football. But in contest like these the chargers made have suffer another injury. Any way the final score was chargers 31 raiders 13 peace ALC

Browns brushed aside (eventually). 5 field goals edged us in front, then made them pay in the second half. Final score Steelers 56 Browns 17.
Big Ben throws for 221 yards but no tds, while Mendenhall rushes for 209 yards (bit of an off day ) 2 tds and Redman also picked up 2 tds.

Just want to know what are we waiting on for the week to be roll? Pardon me for saying but we get to the last 2 games of the season and we get into a long drawn out process to finish this up. It seem that after the delay following memorial day that we would be able to quickly play our games and move on to the next ones. But it seem that either Zell schedule has change or we still waiting on Stark to play his game.
At this present moment 7 days in his game hasnt been play or attempt to be play. So i ask dosnt somebody find this kinda odd? Or is this the begin of the end. No activity on the forums and days go by and nothing and i mean nothing is said at all. I have been in sito like this and before you know it the league goes belly up for lack of interest. Look i understand that work schedule and personal business sometimes get in the way. But the last 2 league updates scores havent been put up. Orther than yours and this time not even yours so i ask what is the deal here? Because it seem that no one else seem to have nothing to say on this issue at all. So if you care to set the record straight then the floor is yours. Peace ALC

Hrm, what's the hold up?

You are right...its taking to long...I kinda let it go because A) I am packing for a move that's happening in 11 days. B) My work transferred 1800 new vets to my clinic and yet didnt authorize any new hires, so we are now doing over 1100 patients a day split between myself and three other clinicians, and C) I started dating a girl a couple weeks ago and we have hit our first snag as of its been a drama filled piss shoot of a weekend.

Add to that Ihaida and Stark needed some help with other things mildly related to the league, and I frankly haven't given any consideration to the matter of rolling said league. I apologize for my absentmindedness. The league is now rolled. I will update scores and schedules in a little while. Enjoy.

That sounds like so much fun. Too much fun. I get to move in a month. Can't wait!!

Just to let you all know, I go on holiday for 4 nights on Monday (off to Munich). So going to get my game in, then when we roll next week I'm not going to play until a week on Friday at the earliest, although I might be on a bye anyway.

Yeah...Xeknos and I are moving into a new place June thought it would be easy, but damn do we have a lot of stuff, lol. The girl and I decided to split ways...oh well...better now than two month down the road. Its a disappointment because I liked her a lot...Work continues to be brutal but I am getting used to the new routine.

Onewild, dont worry about a small vacation. We can wait...You have been a steadfast member. I am not waiting longer than 5 days for Stark anymore. I warned him ample times but eh. I also noticed someone invited another player who joined as the Giants...Hope he will get on here and say hi.

Leroy, moving is a get to sign a lease, clean the new place, pack up everything you own in the old place and move it to said new place, then unpack, then go back to the old place...clean it up really well, turn in keys, reinspect the new place, try to find a place for all the sh*t you dont really need, Then clean new place one more time, then realize you wasted all weekend do this and now its time for work again, lol. Again, Enjoy

I'm buying a house this time around because leasing and moving every 1-3 years gets old.

Leroyog wrote:

I'm buying a house this time around because leasing and moving every 1-3 years gets old. :P

I hear that. This will be the sixth move for me in 4.5years. I am so sick of moving, lol.

Good lord man! You're a flippin Nomad.

yeah...its funny because when I used to go on TDYs with the military, I would request a hotel change every week I was away from home...just to try something new...but I got to admit, I am getting tired of packing up EVERYTHING, lol.

Game play between the chargers and the texans hopefully this isnt a playoff preview. The game was interesting in the first quarter. As adrian foster seem to run thourgh our defense. But the defense step up and made a play on a quick pass by schaub and intercept it. From there the offense begin to find its groove first by tying the game. Then it proceed to take the lead, Sorry that we cont get vince jackson more catches in this game so that he too would have a 1000 yard season as well. Final score chargers 55 texans 7 peace ALC

Bills win in Ot

Wildcard playoff week.

Bills and Chargers are the only two with games. Once I get home tomorrow, I will get everything in the thread situated, including the Playoff spread. Sorry for the slippage, just slammed with RL stuff at the moment.

Wildcard weekend has begun and the chargers play the titians. Decent game as the chargers went back to basics and did the things they need to do to get the win. Final score chargers 31 titians 0 peace ALC

Let's roll

Bills gave the texans every chance to win but Schaub and foster just wouldn't get along...after the game super Mario said he wishes the texans would trade him to buffalo where they have a real defense.

League is rolled. lots of player v player matchups this week. (Sorry for the lull I created at the end of the season, I should be moved into my new place and ready to get back to business Sunday. Things are starting to calm down here for me, which is a relief)

Divisional Round
Bills (12-4)Ihaida @ Broncos(15-1) Zellbrigen:
Rams (9-7)@ Lions (12-4) LeroyOG:
Chargers (13-3) ALC @ Steelers (13-3) Onewild:
Saints (10-6)Blittenb12 @ Eagles (11-5)Starkmeat:

Chargers (13-3) ALC @ Steelers (13-3) Onewild is the game of the week. Can the powerhouse offense of the Chargers outplay the Iron Curtain of the Steelers? Will the ground and pound tactics of the Steelers be enough to outscore the air attack that San Diego has in store for them? This will be the one to watch.

Bills (12-4)Ihaida @ Broncos(15-1) Zellbrigen. These two teams always seem to face off in the Divisional Round. In fact, they have played each other the last 5 seasons. Its always a close game that comes down to the wire. The past three year Denver has walked away the victor. Will the streak continue or will this be the turning point where Buffalo ends Tebow time and gives their faithful fans a reason to attend the AFC championship game?

Rams (9-7)@ Lions (12-4) LeroyOG. This game is pretty much the only one that should be decided before the kickoff. Stafford and Johnson make a deadly duo and the Lions rough and ready Defense is more than enough to shut down anything the Rams should be able to muster. It will be a shock if this game has any other outcome.

Saints (10-6)Blittenb12 @ Eagles (11-5)Starkmeat. This is the unknown of the week. Both teams have new head coaches that seem to have trouble at times adjusting to the schemes of their opponent. Both have an ample roster of stars but which wants it more? Which team can hold it together and lock this game away?

Just like to say to Zell we not buds but it is good to see you back and taking care of league business. I hope that things have work there self out with you and once again Glad to have you back peace ALC