Help me choose a home automation system!

I'm doing a house remodel, and i'm curious about the state of home automation systems. Guess i'm looking for something that would give me control over as much as possible; lights, HVAC, irrigation, cameras, etc. It looks like Ipad is taking over as the control unit, which would be a great solution for me. Anyone have experience with what's out there, and have recommendations? UDP? Z Wave? What is all this stuff? Help!

I was a certified Crestron programmer until I changed industries back in 2008. Crestron stuff is very nice and pretty easy to program but it's pretty expensive. What's your budget like? AMX is another good choice. It's actually what Disney uses in the house of tomorrow and the choice for the White House, Pentagon and a few other places.

Neither of these are DIY solutions since you have to be a certified dealer to even buy the stuff. You could piecemeal the whole thing with different solutions but the two I mentioned above are the only whole system solutions that I know of. Then again, I have been out of the game for a while.

Either way, I highly suggest if you are serious about this to try and attend the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) Expo but I am unsure if that is open to the public or if it's industry only.

Thanks for the links, Edwin. Wish i had the time to go to CEDIA, that would be interesting.

Probably best to find a certified installer through whichever company you want. I know Crestron will put you in contact with them and I assume AMX will do the same.