Great camera in a dumb-phone?

I'm thinking about not getting an iPhone or WP device next, but instead going for a dumb-phone of some kind. I would still love for it to have a great camera (the main reason I'm considering an iPhone or Nokia Lumia).

Is there such a thing as a dumb(er) phone that still takes great photos, and might allow me to upload them to FB or something similar?

I'm sure there are, but once you hit the uploading to facebook, you are talking smartphone territory. Which carrier do you have?

I've never done this, but I know many social media services let you post via text message, maybe check if they let you post pictures via email or MMS? Would probably relax your requirements somewhat.

Is cost the main constraint? For ~$250, you can get a Sony Xperia Ray or Arc S. 8MP Exmor sensor for photos AND Android.