BHA Raid 6/19 - 6/25

It's already Wednesday and no thread, so I'm going to assume this week is a wash. Putting up for next week. DS is a full 25% less powerful now.

Hackwyrth: Healer

Come on in, folks!

zeroKFE - rDPS, liability
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday: 7 - 10 PM (one of the above)

Sadly I don't get back to the states until Jun 30 I need to kill something other than mosquitoes!!

Whenever as usual, now that I'm actually back home.

Yup, sure. Sign me up, except for Sunday.

Tue, Thur, Sun - Jeynsa/Cindra

Thu, Sat thru Mon

My schedule is tentative right now. I have accepted a promotion at work and will be out of town next weekend.

I will hopefully have more info soon.

I got my hands full wtih D3 >.>

Available Thursday. Shaman heal or DK.

I think I can do Tues or Thur...

I may be available Thursday. I will know for sure later today.

Sorry guys, I was holding out hope for today but I think we're boned. Thanks for signing up anyway.