Indie Game: The Movie

Blind_Evil wrote:

I came in with a generally negative perception of Fish, first because of the Japanese Games Suck (they don't) deal, then the Minecraft Shouldn't Get Preferential Treatment (they should because yo 6 million sold = negotiating leverage) deal. I feel for him a little more after playing his game, but that crazy look in his eye when he was talking about cold blooded murder, I dunno.

I am just now watching this after being gifted it during the last steam sale. Fish is not a good guy. You can see in his eyes he is not a good guy at all. I almost shut the movie off during this scene from the understanding that this is not acted. This is a real person who is really unstable.

I finally watched this and now I want to show it to everyone in my life who's not so into games in the hopes that maybe they could understand my obsession with games and making games a little better. But then again some of the guys do come off as unstable. But then I think back to crunch time and no, there is nothing that is healthy and wholesome about that, so I guess that's accurate, actually... I wonder if anybody could put forward a positive image on-camera during those times. (Edmund does an admirable job of that, though.)

But regardless of any issues you might have with the people depicted, the movie does capture very well the how and the why of how an adult is so into games. It does capture what it feels like to work on something so personal and then have it presented to the world.

Also, Fish's first player at PAX steps up, game promptly crashes, requiring a reboot? Thanks to last night's "necessary" changes? Been there. That stung.