Wanting to build PC, got a few parts

Alright, probably last update because I've got a new desktop, dual booting Lion and Windows 7 and mostly running smoothly. The only problem is that the stock CPU heatsink/fan that was with the CPU i was given, has broken plastic clips on the bottom. So, it must not be sitting very flush and if I even try to game, the temp goes up very high very quickly. I ordered a simple replacement, as I've already spent too much $ this month, so until then the temps work ok doing simple tasks. This has been quite the learning experience and I seriously couldn't have done it without you guys helping out. Before I realized the CPU temps, I booted up Diablo3 and Tribes and they looked remarkably better than my old gaming laptop. Thanks everyone who helped!

Yay! So glad this didn't turn into a week long tech support nightmare that some builds do. Enjoy!

Oh, someone probably pulled it out by force, and broke the tabs. I'd suggest using the machine as little as possible until you get the new heatsink on -- it's unlikely that it's making much contact, and you're probably running on mostly air cooling right now. (ie, hardly anything). Intel chips are super robust, and self-throttle so they don't melt, but it's still not very good for them to do that.

Without that self-throttling, the chip would slag itself within seconds. Literally!

"Seconds" is way longer than it would take. I speak from experience. >_>

Regarding that original evga x58 board you had in there, did you see if it was still under warranty? Some of them are lifetime.

Glad to hear the refurb board worked out!