CD Projekt's Upcoming Title: Cyberpunk

Vector wrote:
Prederick wrote:

And they've already confirmed the obvious, that there will be a sequel, right?

Yup. They announced 5 games with one of them being the Cyberpunk sequel. The other ones being the next Witcher game, a Witcher 1 remake, their first original IP, and a co-development Witcher game.

All moving to Unreal Engine as well. So this expansion being the last significant content update definitely possible.

They've said this is the only expansion coming out for the game.

strangederby wrote:

Say goodbye to company's ever caring about selling broken games. Money talks.

I mean... the opening line of that trailer, right?

beanman101283 wrote:

They've said this is the only expansion coming out for the game.

Sure, but if you look at the long tail on Witcher 3, which is about to get new content inspired by the show...

I had hopes they'd keep developing/adding to it if the expansion did well. With the whole studio basically moving to Unreal, that doesn't seem as likely in terms of them dedicating any huge amount of time or energy to Red Engine.

Who knows, maybe they'll remaster it in Unreal or something. Could be worse ways to get your team up to speed.

I only wanted to change one thing and now I'm down the rabbit hole of modding the hell out of this game.


It's like Morrowind all over again.