Diablo III Catch-All 2.0

Yeah I want that set. Is there a specific way to get it or do I just hope for drops?

Blood Shards on off hands should be easy enough to get. Or craft yellow off hands and use the cube to upgrade them to legendary items.

Cleared GR100 for the first time ever using an Impale build Demon Hunter. Watching videos of people doing GR150s I can't imagine the tedium of a) grinding down that much HP on monsters and b) grinding the 2k+ paragon it seems necessary to not instantly die.

The conquests this season are a pain, but I managed to do the Boss Rush one the other day, completing the final Season Journey tier.

So far this season I've played Wizard (bullet-hell magic missle build and now a Hydra build), said Demon Hunter, and a Barb (whirlwind build). Really enjoying the sanctified item mechanics and how they synergize with various builds.

I started Crusader this time, got a Invoker thorns build that can do around GR 85 or so but none of the sanctifications really mesh well with it. Tried to go with the Fist of Heavens build to get a sanctification-friendly one going but it still doesn't clear as well as the thorns for some reason. Toyed with a Demon Hunter (Multishot with the sanctified Strafe ability) for a while and just recently rolled a Wizard to try that magic missile build you mentioned, but I haven't got any of the set drops yet.

Now I'm distracted by the Diablo 4 beta, but I guess I can't really talk about that.

Dude. Edit your post. Dont lose access over something so trivial.