Diablo III Catch-All 2.0

I mean that is definitely a serious issue because you don't want it to get worse.

As you state though, 5M gold is easy to get. I don't know if that old newb crusader trick still works. (craft a polearm and upgrade it in the cube because saders have the highest chance to craft the bovine bardiche) I think even at lower torments the cow level gives 15-20M gold per clear. (it is more like 100M+ at higher torments)

Could it be you logged into the wrong league?

fangblackbone wrote:

I don't know if that old newb crusader trick still works.

I'm pretty sure it does.

Robear wrote:

Could it be you logged into the wrong league?

Hadn't even considered that. I'll take a look.

They've loosened RNG this season. I've found as many primals in 30 hours played as I have since they've been introduced. Plus I could not buy a serpent sparker last season but have found 3 so far. I also had to craft a magistrate last season but I've looted 3 this season. I 've wasted a ton of blood shards for a halo of karini only to have one drop this morning. (I never found or crafted one last season)

I have a primal deathwish to replace my good enough ancient deathwish. I just need the item that adds a socket to drop.

It is shaping up to be my strongest typhon's build to date. Sadly, I was trying to build a firebird's wiz ;P
I am really liking the 6/4 typhon/tal build. The meteors give the hydras a nice burst and the 4 piece defensive boost was really helpful before and now after I have found a karini.

My best in slot off hand is an etched sigil. That and a ransor's folly that I had left over from my attempt at a twister firebirds offer some decent CC and herding. The ransor's groups things nicely for my hydras and meteors.

In contrast, I haven't found a single ring of Royal Grandeur this season, whereas I'm typically about 4 deep in them by now.

I've found 4 halo of karini rings which in prior years is lots of rolling to get just one.
I got haunted visions on my necro on her first rare upgrade.

RoRG comes from act 1 caches and killing the skellie king. I didn't have problems this season but have struggled in a couple of seasons in the past.

I am having a lot of fun with my LoD demon hunter that runs the circle of the ninth quiver. It is the quiver that gives hungering arrow 100% pierce and 400% damage. I use the rune that splits the arrow into 3 on pierce and the legendary gem that boosts primary skill damage.

So really if anything, I think this season has been really generous with RNG! I found a trick to get circle of navjol quickly. I've never used it on a necro before. It was fun for a while.

fangblackbone wrote:

Why aren't you playing D2 right now? Is it really because you want it to look better with 3D and dynamic lighting?

D2 is not yet available on consoles. Not until Resurrected. That's my stumbling block.

If I'm playing D1 it's on console. If I'm playing D3 it's on console. (PSOne and PS4.) To venture back to D2 I need to go to PC. I don't do so often. Preferences. Still, I have returned on occasion, only for compatibility issues to rain on the parade, amongst irritation that I'm at a desktop with a mouse and keyboard. That doesn't last long. Back to plug and play comfort with a console.

Similar deal with Baldur's Gate. I was over the moon with an Enhanced Edition, both for improved compatibility and improved accessibility. Nevertheless, putting it on consoles was the improvement.

I also got into Half-Life and Deus Ex because of their console ports. Good times.

Anyway. Bring on Resurrected! Consoles at last.

I've a hankering for that PSOne Diablo release, to see out the wait for Resurrected. *looks for a corner to place a small CRT*

Anyone have any advice on completing the Speed Demon conquest?
I'm trying with a WW/Rend Barbarian, and I can consistently finish (on a good Rift) in about2:30-2:45, but have never gotten close to 2 minutes.

Anyone with time to help a goodjer out, if that's the best advice for this?

Group up for it. It does not have to be done solo.

Also, do not loot anything, make sure if you solo, have Nemesis bracers on your minion. The best rift my friends and I have found to do it is a giant field so you complete it on one floor and there is monsters left over. Hit the town portal as soon as rift guardian dead and run to close it.

Yeah if nemesis bracers are the ones that spawn an enemy champion when you click a shrine, then definitely wear those. I believe they emanate so put them on your companion if you have to.

Finished the season. I could never find anyone wanting to group for Speed Demon (I was probably looking in the wrong places, but "Conquests" Communities seemed logical to me).

When I completed Speed Demon, it felt almost accidental. Pretty much happened because of a random, wide-open map and a Speed shrine near the entrance.

PTR is up for season 24's patch

I have to say I LOVE the changes to Inna's set. I always like the concept of a mystic ally based set but it never really materialized for me. The new patch changes that dramatically. I rolled with what I thought would be the go to ally (fire) but after a while I decided to try the others on for size and I have to say I LOVE the rolling boulders of earth ally.

The supporting legendary bracer and boots for the set are super easy to RNG and I have to say that using cyclone strike with the build is a blast! (literally) I hardly ever used cyclone strike since Diablo 3's inception. But you'd better believe I will make up for almost 10 years of neglect once season 24 comes out!

With better than average but not great gear, I was able to clear GR 60 with room to spare. (rift guardians go down in less than 10 seconds, I clear the rift with about 10 minutes left) The only thing holding me from running 70 or 75 is my piddly 57M toughness.

I have tasker and theo gloves cubed but I could change that for aquila's and be most of the way towards respectable toughness. And still, even with toughness lacking, I only used my hireling's death save once. (got stuck and had to take an elite's death explosion)

And then there is so much more room to grow with leveled up legendary gems and augments.

fangblackbone wrote:

PTR is up for season 24's patch

I have to say I LOVE the changes to Inna's set.

Father of an infant here... how's it play one-handed? I didn't think I was coming back for last season but then I discovered that I can hold my daughter in my left arm and play a zookeeper necromancer with my right.

I have one of those MMO mice with the buttons on the side, which helps.

OMG it is totally a one handed build!
Run around with left click.
Right click cyclone strike every 1-2 seconds to group enemies and spawn more allies.
Take your hand off the mouse and press the number key to activate your mystic allies to deal with tough packs.
(alternatively left click on the ally skill or assign it to the extra button)

Also, ethereals are the BOMB!

Oh man, I remeber playing Dragon Age: Origins with my infant daughter on my shoulder! This is GWJ.

Might miss out on this one. PC burned out and getting a new one sucks.

Dude, so sorry to hear this.

Ya know, the console ports of D3 are excellent...

I don't think they're on sale right now though.

Tried to level a new monk and it was too plodding. I didn't get the challenge rift so I lost that boost.
Got my wizard to 70 relatively quick and got a Serpent Sparker on the way! That is a huge first.
I've got some paragon and built a hellfire amulet for my newb monk. Leveling is a breeze as I rolled crudest boots second try. Mystic ally FTW and I am cruising now. I've already got a piece of typhon's and the monk's justice set. I can't wait to build an Inna's full set.

The bummer? I've played probably 10 hours and no ethereals yet

edit: and 70 about a half hour ago so less than 3 hours to 70 for her (with boosts from leoric's and hellfire)
still no ethereals

So I guess there is a trick to getting ethereals quick.
Get a new character to level 31.
Amass puzzle rings through bloodshards because there are only 2 unique rings that can drop (leorics and puzzle)

Get a gem of ease to over 25 so that a level 5 character can one shot Greed on T6. Greed is guaranteed to drop 2 legendaries. At level 5 the drops are leoric's crown or one of three ethereals so sometimes he can drop 2 ethereals

Repeat for each class. Use illusory boots to walk through Greed's realm so that you don't attack enemies and over level.

The ethereal thing is legit. Did it.

Done with season. If anyone needs a boost or level leaching give me a holler. I will gladly help.

Been struggling getting that last ethereal. (grandfather)
Been rolling newb barbs and looting double leoric crowns or getting no puzzle rings with 1000-1300 blood shards.

The good news is my super non optimal hydra wizard is speed running GR 87's and can probably speed run GR 90. I shudder to think if I actually had decent rolls on my ethereal like echoing fury, serpent sparker, furnace, winter fury or galvanize ward. But as it goes, it is only 20-30 minutes for another disappointing 1300 bloodshards ;P

I am going to research a strat for getting better odds at ethereals at level 70 because I think I've gotten 4 without using the one that is better for the achievement.

Lol, grandfather is a barb weapon so I decided to go a few rounds with my 70 barb that is only T5 and after a couple GR runs, I got the grandfather

I have finished the 1-4 part of the season and quite a bit of the advanced season. I think I only have the set dungeon ones and the conquests and I am done. I loathe the set dungeons something fierce so I've got a couple months to work on it if I choose. Other than that, I don't really have any strong draw to play.

Necro bone armor set is the easiest set dungeon ever. I did it with 5 piece, 1 ring, random weapon and no ammy. pop bone armor, hit stuff with flying bones. rinse repeat.

D2:R = error 0036 all over again ;P

Figured as much. I do not understand how even Blizz can miscalculate how many people will play a game. Oh well.

You can get in now.
I am going to have a lot more fun in offline mode. I cannot play without the /players command.

Managed to get a twitch beta key as I dont know yet if I want to buy the game. Removing promised features close to release is creating Warcraft 3 flashbacks.

fangblackbone wrote:

I am going to have a lot more fun in offline mode. I cannot play without the /players command.

Yep. Really missing that too.

Game sure looks pretty though.