Diablo III Catch-All 2.0

The new season looks pretty incredible.
Lots of set and legendary boosts.
Summon 1 of 3 shadow clone types per class when you click a shrine. (could be hit or miss, or hit and miss based on class)
But here is the biggie: 4th kanai's cube slot!

PTR is up.
I fired it up and felt that something was different. I had to quit to read the patch notes. Wow!

I have only played about 30-40 minutes and just with some of the wizard changes, they are going to be so much fun. The hydra stuff is really nice. I am very eager to try the energy twister and arcane orb stuff.

I haven't event looked at the other classes and the 4th cube slot is not implemented yet.
I have seen posting regarding how powerful and fun bombardment crusaders are.

This next season is going to be a great one!