Diablo III Catch-All 2.0

It does. This is the vanilla testing time.

What are the new sets this season? Demon Hunter, and what else?

Demon Hunter looks good this season.

Necro simulacrum bone spear set.
It isn't terribly powerful but it is very fun! Too bad it is another bone spear set

New Necromancer Set: Masquerade of the Burning Carnival
2-Piece Bonus
Your Simulacrums no longer take damage, gains all runes, and its cooldown is refreshed when you die.
4-Piece Bonus
While you have a Simulacrum, damage is reduced by 50%. Damage you take is split with your Simulacrums as well.
6-Piece Bonus
Your Bone Spear deals 10,000% increased damage. Simulacrums gain triple this bonus.

I think the real necro news is corpse explosion buffs.

Raxxanterax did a 4 man levelling using 2 necro and 2 DH and they got to 70 in 48 minutes.

Necros are super quick to level now!

Corpse explosion and grim scythe simulacrum builds are tops for necro now.

Hope everyone is having a good season so far!

Accomplished my goals for the weekend and got GR108 under the belt and reached paragon 815 or so. That new GoD build is insanely fast! It's like playing as the flash

What are the conquests this season? Anything stand out to avoid? jump on?
Wait the conquests are the same as last season?
edit: NM is saw the changes to the conquest. I need to learn to read

My god I really !@#$%^&* hate this season's special effect. I think, for the first time in years, I'm going to skip playing a seasonal character this time. Unless Blizzard get the message from all the complaints and give us a way to switch it off.

Love the new GoD build, the season special effect not so much. It certainly added another layer of difficulty when trying to master a set dungeon.

I have to agree. Whoever approved the "vomit rainbows" effect should be chastised. Make them watch PoE clips to see how it's done...

I'll almost quit any grift with quillboars. Every time I get a new seasonal AoE effect I lose track of most projectiles and qullboars shoot the smallest ones so it's almost assuredly instadeath for my squishy DH.

I actually had no idea what the theme even was when I fired up a new seasonal character and started heading toward town. I defeat the zombies to open the town gates and - I kid you not - the moment it happens, a giant snowball rolls out as the gates are opening and I'm thinking I've lost my mind as the snow continues to fall.

A giant snowball, casually rolling out of New Tristram, for no good reason AT ALL. And it's only gotten worse from there.

This CAN NOT be the same team who did Pandemonium in Season 19. This Tempest nonsense is farce, a lazy idea with even lazier execution. The benefit to the player - at least based on my experience - in lower levels isn't even worth the flashing lights and overwhelming sound effects in terms of damage. An absolute joke.

Maybe the good talent's all over at D4 right now?

I'm actually not getting any significant sound from the Tempest. I'm not a huge fan, and the poison meteor has taken me by surprise a few times, but I don't find it otherwise intrusive. Then again, I don't think I play at the level most of you folks do (I don't ever feel like I know what's going to happen next).

I'm going to give the devs a pass on this one, after so much excellent seasonal free content in the past.

Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that I'm playing on Xbox One X over a soundbar/soundwoofer setup - in case that has anything to do with the Tempest sounds (which are overwhelming for me).

I'm an extremely casual D3 player - you could even say that I primarily DO Seasons for the themes, because I never get much further than the starter sets of gear. D3's been a forever-installed title since it dropped and I've thoroughly enjoyed , I certainly don't love the dev team any less, and I'm sure they're facing the same COVID pressures my product development teams are. We're remote, we're out of our collaborative work space, we're all dealing with thoughts/events at home constantly invading work context...it's insane right now and I get it.

Hasn't really impacted me. Playing the sh*t out of this season so far and finally got an ancient Dawn that's usable so I pushed to GR111 yesterday. Going to see if I can get to at least 115 today

Got a 116 down today... and a bunch of useless primals!

It makes me wonder how long it takes to get a non useless primal?
I got one but because it didn't roll the bonus to main stat, it capped at 650 i think. It was much more beneficial to me to keep the ancient I already had with slightly less stats like crit% to get much closer to 900 main stat.

God, its only been a few weeks since I played D3 and I can't remember what the stat caps are
Plus my shoulder is still f*cked up so I still haven't played this season.

Got my first ever, across all seasons, non-useless primal in this season. Leggings for the GoD set.
At GRift 113 so far. Probably not going much further, already quite boring, and while the GoD set is obviously insane, it also is everything wrong about D3 combat imo. Literally right click to win combat.

Shadout wrote:

Literally right click to win combat.

Put me in, coach!

So GoD demon hunter is the new spin barb?

I think they are about even. I am doing spin to win and am doing 102 in about 6 minutes and i still have crap gear. i am about even with the GoD dh in our group.

Either way, both builds are total hold down right click and go.

GoD dh is not as smooth. Have to refresh your momentum ever so often which is kind of a stutter to it. Though I suppose same could be said for Barb spin to win with ground stomp.

One important difference betwixt the DH and Barb spin to win. Barbs spin through enemies and DH's spin AROUND enemies.

I think either ice climbers or illusory boots are nigh required equipment for GoD builds.

Waller is annoying, but other than that nothing is really stopping The Spin.

Achieved my goal of GR120 for the season... um... in week 1. Highest I've ever gone before in any other season was 116.

I still cannot find about 3 items for my DH build. Apparently the crossbow and the quiver are both quite rare drops. I hate the grind...

I think that's part of it, Robear. I quite enjoy it. I put my music on, or some Netflix or a twitch stream and just settle in and play.

That gradual progression and thrill of the hunt of getting that item that's going to be better is what pushes me on. It's a lot harder when most of the items are already good, but there's always something to improve.