Diablo III Catch-All 2.0

Rolled a new Monk this morning and already beat GR100 pretty easily using the Patterns of Justice set... how come now one said how fun this new set is?!!?!?

I've been playing with that one a bit. I hold down the right mouse button and let, various procs and passives do their thing, and occasionally push a button to heal. Am I missing something? It's entirely possible I'm missing something. I've got one skill slot that I'm not sure what to do with so I've just been using one of the defensive Mystic Allies. And I've found that going from T15 to T16 flips the switch from "invincible" to "dies almost instantly" on my build.

Rolled a new Monk this morning and already beat GR100 pretty easily using the Patterns of Justice set... how come now one said how fun this new set is?!!?!?

I haven't been able to get more than 2 pieces of the set
Monk has definitely been the hardest to get sets for over the entirety of D3. I have only been able to complete Uliana's and Inna's so far.
I had tough luck on Barbs until last season.
Wizard's I've gotten most of the sets multiple times.
Necros and Witch Doctors have been relatively easy as well.
Demon Hunters are second to Wizards as far as easiest.
Crusaders have been hard until this season. Last season I was able to get Valor pretty easy but it is a lot harder this season.

All I have left now is the Curses achievement (as I think that's the easiest one of the set, remaining). I may ask for help since I keep failing by small amounts doing it solo, and it's soooo boring a grind. But I want the storage lol.

Finally cracked GR 100 on my HC Wizard, which is currently good enough for top 400 on the solo leaderboard. I think I'll stop at this point before I get myself killed. The conquests this season are really annoying so I don't see myself finishing up Champion this time.

It helped that I got a primal that was not only decent, but a core part of my build (Hydra set helm).


I might try lightning hydra and maybe see if I can get a schaefer's hammer to get the curses conquest. Frost has good aoe but lightning chains around obstacles and is angle agnostic. My HC crusader stumbled onto the cursed peat event and got 328 kills... So close

My HC crusader is T12 capable but has been having a real tough time with fleshing out my sets. I have gotten roland's complete set probably more than two times over. I have also almost gotten 2 complete sets of akkhan's. I have plenty of invoker pieces too. But I only have 2 pieces of valor or light, the 2 sets I feel would be the easiest to get to GR 75. Plus I already have almost all the companion legendaries for blessed hammer, blessed shield and fist of heavens.

Got the Curses achievement, and there is a bit of an easy hint in the layout of the event for people running the season 20 hydra build.


There are two fire pits, one on either side of the pit. Put a hydra just on the chest side of each one, and they will cover almost all of the spawns. Then cover the other two corners yourself, AND remember to refresh the hydras before they drop. I got 353 on my second try after noticing this, solo, Torment X.

Hope that helps someone else!

I got it on my lightning hydra. I got 372 I think.
Lightning hydra definitely has better aoe.

They are really doing a number on the new sets.
My HC crusader has spent over 15 hours with countless rifts, GR's, 1000's of bloodshards and drops to only get 2 pieces of the new valor set.
By contrast. my HC wiz has gotten 5 pieces of typhon (1 glove duplicate) after 3-4 hours after hitting 70. In fact I only have 2 pieces of vyr and 1 firebird as compared to 2 full sets and 10 more other set pieces on my crusader.

I kept on putting off rolling the HC wiz alt because I figured the 5+ hours to get to 70 and T7 would be better spent on the main crusader who was already T9-12.

And... not 15 minutes more of game time and I am 6/6 of the typhon set :/

Well, I'm one GR55 short of getting my third conquest. Once you have two different characters leveled, and you've collected some sets, you can do 3 sets on each and finish the achievement pretty handily. Just have to get used to the play styles if you have not tried them before.

Which is definitely a thing and what put me off trying that conquest.
It is one thing to get the set pieces and put them on. It is another thing to actually get the playstyle and then do it well enough to complete GR55 (T12)

I can think of a few sets (too bad the new sets don't count) that would be easier than others to do this:
tal rasha, firebird (some might say vyr but it never clicked with me and I had a moderately difficult time finding supporting legendaries)
unhallowed essence, shadow, marauder (maybe natalya's?)
wastes, (i don't know much about barb sets)
necro sets are tough (to me they cap at about T10 but i was able to push to T12 with siphon blood/blood nova)
monk sets I like but I question how much work it takes to get to T12 with them (i have uliana's now at about T8 with some room to grow but it doesn't have a defensive power)
helltooth, zunimasa, maybe arachyr? (I think I'm close to T12 capable)

Actually, I found that if you pick characters that you enjoy playing, the playstyle thing is a lot less threatening than it would otherwise be. I did 3 Wizard and 3 Barb builds, and each one took me no more than a few regular rift runs and one GR run to finish. Granted, these were all geared correctly, to within one piece each. The gems were often not leveled and in two cases I was missing a gem because I could not afford to mod a ring, but it still worked.

So collect the gear, suit up, practice 2 or 3 runs in the Nephalem Rift at like T6, then jump into the GR55 run. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Like I said, this assumes a general familiarity with the type of character. I did Typhon as my main (does not count for this season's conquest), then Firebird, Vyr and Tal Rasha. All of those were fine and the Slow Time would also have been easy (I've played with that often). Two of them were Archon based, which is easy mode. I did Wastes Whirlwind for my main Barb, and Savage I think, and a Leap-based set that I found is entirely not me. Jump in and kill, then run around and collect enemies and wait for the next power-up).

I did use Icy Veins to get full builds and that makes a huge difference. Many builds in a class share the same relatively rare gear, so that makes it much easier to switch than going between classes.

Finished the last of the season and got the ...Bat... pet lol. Pretty fun. I like Typhons with a frost hydra build.

It is so much fun!
Undoubtedly the most fun I have had with D3. In fact, I'd say a lot of the new sets give me hope in that they are trending in the very right/fun direction.

I can already tell the WD set is going to be great with only 4 pieces. I managed to get the crusader justice set last season and it was a blast. The monk set looks great and while the barb's frenzy set is not my thing, it looks in line with what the other new sets are doing. I can't wait to see the new DH, and necro sets are like

I liked Typhons with arcane better than frost. Frost would be better for pushing but arcane was easier.

Okay, so I'm building Munundugu's or whatever it is, and consulted Icy Veins for their Spirit Barrage build. I found it uses the Barber dagger, which turns the damage of Spirit Barrage into an accumulated explosion. I didn't have it so I used a decent legendary instead. My big - huge - problem was maintaining mana. I just could not do it. That meant I was dying a lot, too.

Then I found Voo's Juicer. Equipping it dropped my game-reported dps by 150K or so. But it powered my Spirit
Barrage so I can pump that out continuously, which gave me a HUGE practical damage output increase. As in, several GRs right off the bat.

So why would they not recommend that? I guess maybe something else in the build that I'm missing will power up my mana, but I haven't found it yet. Voo's seems like such a no-brainer at this point and they don't even mention it.


Probably it's just that the icy veins guide is for extreme endgame pushing, where you move slowly and don't need to spam skills as often. Note that they also recommend creeping death and stricken, which you definitely don't need until pretty late in the game.

For leveling and grinding, the easiest fix for mana with that set is to take the passive skill that returns mana after casting certain spells (rush of essence?). It applies to barrage, so that way you can spam it endlessly without Voo's.

I don't particularly care for their builds. They are end game builds with little notes on the journey along the way.

I pretty much use them as loose guide to experiment with the build's core mechanics. I then add other pieces as I see fit. For instance, I feel like echoing fury is a game changer and makes lots of builds incredibly fun. I have yet to see them even mention it in any build.

This is clear evidence that the builds are GR110+ only. In order for echoing fury to work, you have to be able to chain kill trash. It seems a majority of icy veins builds bypass trash or herd them which makes echoing fury moot.

I am really bummed that I tweaked my shoulder a few days back and haven't been able to play anything on my desktop

Voo's really suits me at this point, but thanks fenomas, I will keep that in mind as I climb the GR ladder.

Fang, I have found that they are generally good for builds that can finish the Season journey fairly easily. Have not really explored them for other purposes since that's pretty much my focus these days. (And I'm pretty sure their electric wizard build used Echoing Fury. Or else I added it lol.)

Oh, don't get me wrong. I use icy veins all the time. They are a great resource for keeping track of all the sets and bonuses, set dungeons and the builds are useful tools even if I don't follow them too strictly.

Sure, AFAIK icy-veins builds are strictly end-game best-in-slot absolute maximum GR push builds. Unless it has "speed" in the name, I mean. Take your "fun" elsewhere sirrah.

If you want to browse more options that focus on fun or speed or versatility, diablofans is the place (unless it's closed down again?).

Agree with Fen, you guys really should be using diablofans. It's the place where all the good builds are.

You can also follow a lot of the content creators on Youtube. BluddShed is pretty much my favourite as he's super chill and comes up with some pretty good builds plus also highlights the top builds. So there's a good balance of top tier builds and ones you can just play to have a good time.

He also explains them pretty thoroughly.

As for my Season, I've got 4 characters now. All completed minimum GR100 with my top being my monk at 110. Took a few days off just to play around with other things but will be going back in this week with a view to get them all to 110 and then push the WD and Monk to 120.

Wow, yeah, diablofans is much more informative. Tweaked my build slightly after realizing I had some unnecessary overlap. Cool!

Still going with Voo's Juicer over The Barber, for now.

PTR 2.6.9 coming some time this afternoon.

The new sets look interesting. I will be giving them a try for sure.

And the PTR is now delayed.
It says in one area there is no definite timeline and another that says the week of the 24th

New Necro set is fun. It will be seemingly easy to build. I was able to clear GR 65 with non optimal support items. I don't even really know which support items to use yet other than relena's shadow hook. My damage was 900K with decent crit% and crit dam. So I can easily see it pushing gr75+ once I figure out support items and which legendary gems.

The DH I was pumped for as I though +10K damage to primary skills would be fun even without using the strafe aspects. Its not. It has a good feel to it but it feels very weak. Mind you that my DH is far from well geared at 400K damage. I really hope all primary skills are viable because I planned on using entangling shot but it seems everyone is gravitating towards bola shot. Sadly, the set pieces all overlap with most other sets. It would have been great to do 2x shadow with 6x new set. 6000% + 10000% grenades sounds like fun. Or if you get the chakram generator quiver, 6K + 10K dual chakram would be a lot of fun. You can do 2x natalya's with 6x new set if you want to toss in rain of vengeance with your strafing bolas.

Things I am going to try next are the Lazy Necro build, corpse explosion with perma simulcrum, and getting better gear for my DH to see how far I can push the new set before I give up on it.

DH set with hungering arrow is a lot of fun with or without strafe. In fact I only really used strafe for the big damage reduction when fighting elites in tight spaces.

Well patch is now live so I've had a chance to play around with the new GoD set. Overall it feels very solid and quite flexible with options. A good speed build for t16 and an amazing push build for the GR130+

Been playing with different paragon levels and gear and overall I think it'll be good to play for the new season!

Wait, what?
I thought the new season starts Friday the 3rd?