Diablo III Catch-All 2.0

Catch me next time you are on. Still running a typhon wiz. will gear share and drag you around a bunch of 70's.

That said I am about to switch to a necro to run Inarius for the set dungeon. Then likely to a ww barb again to finish last bits of season.

I just switched to hardcore crusader for season stuff

HC Crusader is T6 capable thanks to LoD and the legendary that removes the wrath cost from blessed shield.
Obviously if the crusader wasn't HC she'd be pushing close to T8.
I thought it would b easier to run up the crusader in HC but it is just super slow.
Well I am committed so I'll keep plugging. The new set is so much fun and powerful. I can't wait for pieces to start dropping

So, I got the boss mode conquest pretty easily. If anyone needs it, hit me up.

I've done the GR 75 and Curses conquests. I'm going to do the 6 sets to GR 55 as my third. Once I've done that I'm 100% finished season journey.

Great tip on the Vyr's set dungeon too, that was super easy.

Got some more parts of my Vyr build and a *ton* of Paragon levels thanks to Vec (Spazzicus?) yesterday. I finally got the Archon belt so I can try the set dungeon properly, to advance my season cheevs.

The necro Inarius set dungeon is easy mode.

I think that's the one I did last season. But I got the first Vyr done in two tries this morning, so I have a bit of a breather while I gear up for the Champion stuff.

Whats the technique with Vyrs?
Do you kill things in between archon casts?
I take it one of the cooldown reduction on hit/kill legendaries is key?

My crusader HC is a ot of fun right now. I had been goin a long time with blessed shield but have since found a few blessed hammer pieces and it is crazy casting BH when you cast justice. It is slower single target by a little but clears rooms with reckless abandon! I still haven't found an aquila's otherwise I'd be pushing T11-12.

Vyrs requires a belt that kicks you up to 40-50 stacks from the beginning, and wizard hat that allows your stacks (and bonuses therein) to persist 20 seconds after archon is over. Then you use an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac to reduce the cooldown on Archon while simultaneously charging your Chantodo's Will stacks to 20 by hitting enemies with a mana spender, then activate Archon again. If you time it correctly, you can have 20 stacks of Chantodo plus your old Archon stacks and your new stacks.

So I made sure I had the belt effect that reduces (greatly) the cost of arcane missles, and Zanugu's belt. I didn't have the other fancy stuff although I have another effect that increases arcane missiles by 325% after 1 second channeling.

I went in, got to the first intersection and went Archon, teleporting in lines around the block until Archon stopped. Then I moved towards the second block, killing everything I saw, until Archon popped again, and I teleported around slaughtering stuff. Repeat for the third block. Then it's a race to kill stuff like crazy, and still end up with a big group when Archon is available again. Then slaughter the area you've left black and hope there's enough there. I finished with about 520 kills out of 515 needed. I'll need to kill everything, pretty much, to get Mastery. I'll need something to reduce the TP timer in order to get that done.

Oh, and no Chantodo yet.

Aether Walker is the wand you want for TPing.
It removes the cooldown and gives it a 25 arcane power cost instead.

Messerschmidt's Reaver is a good cube item for Vyrs. It lowers cooldowns by 1 second for every enemy you kill. Kill 30 enemies in Archon, that's 30 seconds off your cooldown.

Obsidian ring of the zodiac does that for hits, I think.

Only for mana spenders and nothing in archon spends mana, so it only counts outside of archon which can slow you down.

Ooooohhhhh.... Thanks!

Got my portrait frame and my pet with the completion of the Season Journey. 6 sets at 55 was pretty simple but did use a bit of materials on rerolling.

So my goal now is to just push as high as I can. Hoping I can get both Wiz and WD up to 120+

Currently 105 for Wiz and 109 for WD and slowly building the Augments.

I rolled an unbelievable ancient furnace with -30 level requirement. Guess who is making a HC alt!

Finally got an aquilas for my HC crusader. I am also 2 ranks away from my molten gizzard hitting rank 25 to get the 150% (?) shield. So toughness should no longer be an issue for her for at least another 2-3 torment levels. Then boosting damage will become an issue again

Here's to hitting T13 and hopefully getting more valor set pieces. I have a rorg and 5 pieces of akkhan and invoker. Dunno whether I should experiment with those some. Though experimenting in HC is generally a bad idea...

And... Azmodan's fire globe one shotted my HC wizard at level 65
So, bye bye to my hellfire ring and that sweet ancient furnace with the -30 level requirement. Even talking about it brings me down.

I had to switch over to my normal wiz all geared up with typhons to pick me up. That class is such a blast to play. But I am still finding it so hard to get a rorg to move forward, ugh!

Yeah, I have not had a rorg yet. Last season they were popcorn, littering my storage. Wonder what's up?

I finally got a rorg but its stats are crap. I reforged it in the cube but its stats are still crap.
I could cube it but that is at best a side grade where I'd lose taskers but gain the crimson set.
I need to get a serpent sparker with good enough stats to wield it in my main hand. Serpents don't drop often and my current main hand has not perfect stats but they are going to be hard to match.

I’ve had like 4 Serpents so far...

I just need 2 more conquests and the set dungeon and I a get the season pet!
I'm speeding up a necro to take care of the set dungeon.
So far I have failed my 3 attempts at 350 kills for curses on my wizard. Seems like you really do have to do either cursed bellows or cursed peat to get it done. I tried the cursed cellar and only hit 279 kills. The other times were ~320 and ~340 kills.

I also need to augment a legendary but that will take minutes on my hydra wizard.

I'm trying to do Curses too, Fang, so hit me up if you see me on and we'll do it together. My best was a heart-breaking 347 on Cursed Peat. Solo... I'm running Typhons and placement/renewal of the hydras seems key.

if the game will let me in today I will be glad to help. Got kicked out last night trying to help Robear and was never able to get back in. I got help from Grenn to do the speed run. There is a method to it that is beyond me. Also needs a very fast toon like speed chicken or teleport vyrs.

I would agree that replacing hydras is key. This is especially so for the frost hydras because it appears to do a breath attack in all directions (or at least every 90 degrees) after it is first summoned.

Though if we are both in the 340 range solo, it should be a breeze doing it together.

Also note that the cursed chest in the cursed peat bounty can spawn without the bounty. You just have to find it and it won't spawn if there is a different bounty at path of the drowned waypoint. I found it 3 times before the season started that way and twice after the season started.

On my necro, it looks like I am getting the rathma set pieces first so I guess I will attempt that one first. It doesn't seem too difficult. (summon 100 skeletal mages + get 500 seconds of reduced cooldown for land of the dead)

I tried the Bellows chest, too, but only got to like 328 on that one. Act One.

Cursed Peat in Act 5 is the one I used. I did it with my Frost Hydra Wizard solo. Though, I did get exactly 350 kills, so it wasn't the best build ever, but it worked.

Guess I'll keep trying, then.