Diablo III Catch-All 2.0

Yeah. I get that too!
I got a great roll on a ceremonial knife that adds the rain of corpses rune. It is my main hand right now because the stats are so good. Unfortunately I really want a Barber for my Spirit Barrage build and I have been rolling everything but. And I have 4 of the rain of corpses knife Seems like I will get the full mundunugu set before I get a barber, heh.

I JUST got an aquilas after ~1500 blood shards. It was a drop though and I get shu's maori and cindercoats up the wazoo.

I need a mask of jeram and thankfully I haven't been getting mempho after mempho.

All that said, I can't complain. My LoD SB WD is T10 capable after ~12 hours played this season. I also spent the first 1-2 hours on a wizard before switching to WD.

They are great to burn for souls lol.

So the Manald Heal is an interesting niche build element. Trying to figure out how to incorporate it fully, but basically the more lightning stuff you have, and with the Paralyze skill, the more chances you have to vaporize things. It becomes a time thing. Once it gets going, it can annihilate anything, but since it's RNG dependent, it's risky.

I need to figure out if it works with Hydras. Right now I'm using Arcane Torrent, but I could go passive and let the hydras do it if they trigger the Paralyze stuns. We'll see.

It works with hydras (and any lightning skill). IMO it doesn't proc enough and it is difficult to tell when it does proc because the target just *poofs*

I've been using the "Stunned" label to track when enemies are taken out. Seems like it procs in groups if the lightning is jumping from one enemy to another.

I've always enjoyed the Conduit pylon effect, and now I can play like that myself! It's a blast. I added in the piece of gear that triggers lightning on about 1/6 of *hits*, so once that fires up, it greatly increases the frequency of hits. That's how I'm going; I am putting in every lightning skill I can while maintaining enough tankishness to survive long enough to see it proc on the big bois. The more hits, the more chances to get that 13K percent damage hit. I also have a skill that heals me with every hit, and Life On Hit, and Life Per Second... Still, my health jumps up and down. I have to remember to keep firing to keep the healing going. It'll be interesting to see if I can gear up to make this viable, if not competitive.

Still, it's cracklin' good fun!

You are using the ring halo of karlyse or whatever right?
That build gives 60% damage reduction when your storm armor hits 15 yards or more away. It is a staple for high GR toughness with wizards. Also look into seeing if you can work in the captain crimson's set for damage and damage redux based on cooldown and resource redux.

Update on my badass SB WD:
Lucked into a belt of transcendence and things have changed quite a bit over the years. It used to be so hard to get the proc to spawn fetishes but now, it takes roughly 5-10 seconds. It used to be that you were lucky to get an extra 4-5 fetishes whereas now maintaining 15 is a breeze.

My LoD is rank 36. I can clear GR 47 with 9 minutes left but with the extra LoD ranks I can do GR 50 easily. I finally got a barber that I cubed and I am futzing around with how it works since I am not channeling SB. It seems to cast an explosion near every existing phantasm when you cast a new phantasm. It seems to do pretty good damage but it is unclear how impactful the spike from the explosion is. So fun times.

I fell into the trap I do every season where I am lured into creating a hellfire ring. This is probably the single greatest chink in the armor that prevents me from creating alts. What I did do was get the wizard that I abandoned at 32 at the start of the season to level 70 and rank up her LoD gem to get her to T6-7 capable. And she has pretty much sh*t gear other than an ancient furnace which provides nothing to her build other than damage. The RNG for her is pretty terrible. She only has tasker and theo and desperately needs magistrate, serpent striker, the karlyse ring for DR, a decent wand + source combo, and 3-4 legendaries replacements for yellow gear.

I don't have it yet, but it's on my mind. Still early days trying to climb the GR ladder and finish the Slayer cheevs.

I think I'm done with slayer. Might need 1 more when I check. I should be getting ready to do the next tier since I am comfortable with T10 and perhaps now with the Barber I am pushing T11.

I know it seems the D3 pros like the LoD hydra over the typhon set. But I really enjoy the unique mechanics of typhon. So I am torn between hoping for typhon drops or keep playing the WD for mundunugu's since I haven't tried it yet.

Play what's fun, Fang.

Agreed. It's 3 months. Enjoy!

Oh I will. I'm just excited which I guess does not translate over the intertubes.

I finally came to my senses and realized that to get going, I just need to do Vyr Archon, so I swapped over to that to get gear. Still, my lightning grrrl was fun. And Vyr is only slightly less zingy.

I'm really enjoying the Witch Doc's new set. It's fast, packs a punch and is just nice to play. Just working my way through levelling up my main gems and gems for Augmentation later and then spending blood shards on my Wizard to get the Typhon gear.

Aim is to get both to GR120 clears this season. Think the WD will be easier to achieve that with the main set but I might need LoD Hydras for the Wiz clear.

Up to Paragon 801, so now it's just the grind for better gear, higher gems and more paragon.

Ok, Vyr's Set Dungeon might be the easiest thing in the game. Get 100 stacks of Archon 3 times and kill 300 enemies in Archon. Fazula's gets you 40-50 stacks at the out set and Chandodo's does aoe damage every second. I breezed through and mastered it with 1:30 left on the timer the first time.

I don't have Fazula or Chandodo yet. :-/

Grenn wrote:

Ok, Vyr's Set Dungeon might be the easiest thing in the game. Get 100 stacks of Archon 3 times and kill 300 enemies in Archon. Fazula's gets you 40-50 stacks at the out set and Chandodo's does aoe damage every second. I breezed through and mastered it with 1:30 left on the timer the first time.

Good to know. Set dungeon and conquests are always the worst part of the season journey.

Anyone else having disconnects or trouble connecting?
This season must be popular

fangblackbone wrote:

Anyone else having disconnects or trouble connecting?
This season must be popular :)

It’s almost as if there was a lot of people stuck at home with nothing else to do. For some mysterious reason.

I was in a bit of a low mood after a long day, and somehow end up focused on some D3 being the thing to make me feel better. After getting the kids down I logged in and was nearly done with a GR when the first disconnect happened. The. I tried another and this time got a disconnect with an error. There was a 1 minute or so queue to reconnect each time, so I gave it a 15 minute break. At the end of which the queue time had expanded to 89 minutes. I gave up and watched some Altered Carbon, which isn’t so great for mood improvement

I had one disconnect yesterday. Stopped and switched over to Stellaris.

The crazy thing is I wonder how possible it is for them to increase servers during the shelter in place?
It is Blizzard on the one hand but I wonder to what extent it can be done remotely?

I’m almost entirely sure they are running on a Cloud infrastructure, and scalability is one of the principle elements of Cloud architectures. So they would simply spin up more servers as demand goes up, and spin down during quiet periods.

Except what if this is unprecedented demand due to circumstances?
Wouldn't they need to build servers at SOME point? Blizzard doesn't outsource their server infrastructure do they?

There's a note on the launcher:

Players are currently experiencing high latency and disconnections as a result of DDoS attacks towards certain internet service providers. We are currently monitoring this situation and will provide updates as they become available. Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.

So if the problem is between the users and servers there isn't much they can do, cloud infrastructure or no.

This article indicates that they have a "private cloud" across at least 11 datacenters worldwide, and that they can also access AWS Commercial if they over-run their dedicated cloud systems. From which I infer that their private cloud is also in AWS. (Yes, it talks about Overwatch, but I suspect they have a similar approach for all their games, at this point.)

Edit - Partly wrong! I found a Quora thread that quotes various Blizzard employees to the effect that they own and operate their own datacenters (leased in some parts of the world from 3rd parties) and only burst into ECS if demand overruns their resources.

I was building up my LoD hydra wiz to T12 when the final typhon piece dropped.
I switched over to Typhon and now I'm T16 capable (perhaps beyond) with tasker, magistrate and serpent. My gems (trapped and enforcer) are only rank ~35 as well so lots of room to grow. The crazy thing is that I don't even have the karlyse ring or aquila's so my toughness is ~80 mil from the set when doing GRs. However, I do have goldwrap so I am nigh invulnerable in bounties and regular rifts. (some ungodly amount of toughness - 650 mil or more)

I love Typhon set so much! Above I said most likely beyond T16 because on T15 rifts, my hydras still one shot most things. Elite packs die in seconds and I don't have any elite damage bonuses. The future is looking so bright because there are ample places to boost:

I only have 1 topaz socketed.
None of my set pieces are ancient.
I am wielding thundercaller: i can replace with echoing fury or serpent striker to free up a cube slot
No squirts necklace + no amulet socket
No rorg yet so I can't free up a cube slot or equip the cpt crimson's set
Zei's gem might work really well with this set
Switch the off hand to the source that increases elemental exposure to 10%

Can I get a link to a good LoN Hydra build? One of my 2 primal drops so far was a Wailing Host.

The icy-veins one is LoD but it has alternate best in slots that include if you have LoN.

I haven't gotten one Typhon drop in the Season yet. Weird.

I got most of mine (5/6) from blood shards.

Yeah, that's not working either. I think I need to get my basic GR level capability up a bit more. I'm stuck in the 20's.