Torchlight 2 Catch-All

mooosicle wrote:

-Late game item scaling.

Playing through Torchlight for the first time, and am currently at level 20ish. What happens to items in the late-game? Do they become too powerful or too weak?

-tons of useless character and learned spells

It's probably because I came from Diablo II and could identify similar traits, but a lot of the spells and abilities in Torchlight struck me as ones that didn't scale up very well. Meanwhile, there's at least one build which seems to work exceptionally well; the alchemist with a wand. Boosting attack speed, critical hits, and elemental damage means you can clear through most mobs in a single hit.

It kind of reminds me of when you get a ridiculous carry build in DOTA.

Haven't looked at any mods yet, but the base game seems very well balanced (so far).

According to Twitter, Runic will be releasing some more info tomorrow.

ELewis17 wrote:

According to Twitter, Runic will be releasing some more info tomorrow.

What's twitter?

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What's twitter?

Something San Franciscans use to scare birds away.

I played Torchlight on the Xbox for the first time (never touched PC). I liked it, but three things REALLY bugged me.

1) I couldn't sell back individual potions! It was all or nothing. Sell back 30 or none. That is just poor. Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance had this feature nearly 10 years ago.

2) Tiny text! Even on my HD TV, the way those super long pop out menus for the items took over the screen was terrible. Very hard to compare items.

3) Crystal management. Why couldn't I organize the list by crystal and also type? why can't I line up all the "cracked" blue with the other blues? Manageing all that was a real chore.

I cannot believe they would pull this RMT action house bullsh*t....oh, sorry. Wrong thread. heh heh.

The engineer in another tab in the link is insanely buff looking for any engineer in real life.

I think his description sounds more like a mechanical blacksmith.

And I thought they already announced the other classes: railman and berserker (I think?)

The outlander does look and sound pretty badass and fun!

They've said that all the classes can be either male or female, too, which is pretty cool. Sounds like a little more customization than in the original.

TL2 is going to be $20.

Also, last class revealed. Embermage!

At that price, if they put up on Steam for pre-order I would buy it right now. RIGHT NOW!

Me too!

And I am glad to see they are doing a more traditional mage type class which happens to be my favorite.

I just hope they are viable as the monsters all closed really quickly in TL1. In TL2 they will have open spaces and hopefully they learned to vary the approach speed of enemies or every class will end up being a brawler regardless of whether they were intended to be or not. (to be, that is the... yadda yadda shakespeare stuff) *grins*

This game should really hurry up and come out so I can hand over my 20 bucks all ready.

@ Runic Games:


Hm. I guess they cut summons out.

mooosicle wrote:

Hm. I guess they cut summons out.

I can imagine that some of it is for speed reasons. Can you imagine 4 (is that the largest party size?) summoners with a dozen critters each?

Don't forget about the summoning scrolls. And I believe they expanded the things that transform your pet.

Queueball wrote:
mooosicle wrote:

Hm. I guess they cut summons out.

I can imagine that some of it is for speed reasons. Can you imagine 4 (is that the largest party size?) summoners with a dozen critters each?

Yeah. I dunno if the Bhaal expansion ever addressed it, but my necro wasn't that great party-wise in D2.

Although, necro summoners were very effective in Guild Wars. Ranged damage, tons of extra damage and fodder, fast walk speed, healable (to an extent) and there was no uber epic loot or anything. A maxed out summon was still pretty good at level 20.

I think in patch 1.10 (there on 1.13 now), they redid the summons for the necro in D2. But yea, it's a little hectic with lots of things going on. On a laggy server they'd be warping all over the place. And honestly the torchlight summons only felt okay. They could tank, but the AI was stupid and their DPS was lower than the other two classes.

Yeah, the alchemist was just weaker damage-wise in the shadow vault, no matter what build he was. The summoner was just more interesting (imo), and safer from one shot kills.

If they scale magic up much better in TL2, I wouldn't mind giving embermage a try. Whipping out giant area spells while goodjers act as meatshields sounds pretty sweet to me.

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@ Runic Games:



Much love for Runic!

Torchlight, Neverwinter MMOs scheduled to launch late 2012-early 2013

Torchlight 2 is still on pace for this year, according to the same article.

Sigh... still no news? Its October already. Skyrim comes out in November, TOR in December, so I've got a slot for TL2 this month.

They posted an update on the 30th saying their still working on it. That's useful.

I'd be interested to know what's holding it up. Content, general bugs, design, networking, etc.

Blizzard sabotaged them with Diablo 3 beta invites =)

C'mon guys the wait is killing me!

Also, I thought Neverwinter Nights was not an mmo despite being developed by Cryptic? I thought it was going to be maybe a lobby game but also come with player created content tools.