WoW BHA Raids: 5/7 - 5/13

Keldar wrote:
Michael Zenke wrote:

New raid comp is new:

Tank: Ell and Carg (unchanged)
Heals: Hack, Rant, Cin (instead of Eric)
DPS: Rybowl (instead of Jey), Merph, Youko, Gannon (instead of Shank), TK

Let me know if that won't work for anyone.

Jey, I don't know how close you are to getting all your gem clusters or if you even care, but if you really want to collect some of them we can probably one-tank the first half of the instance and have Sel or I heal. Just throwing that out there.

Not yet half way (have 100+). But that would be nice if I could pick up a few more.

Gannon has 2 tank alts, just saying.

See folks tonight!

Totally spaced out and forgot tonight is TAL live night. I probably wont be home til 8:30pm server... so... I guess Gannon is tanking after all!

Will be a few minutes late

I always miss out....

So next week Tues, Thur, and Sun

Cheets, next week is here

Since Hack didn't look again for Sunday, I will. Since he didn't post his own availability, either (or erased it when he put Thursday's list up), I say he's going. If he doesn't like it, too bad. Next time he can do it himself like he said he would.

Sunday, 7:30 server:

Tanks: Carg, Ell
Heals: Lawk, Rant, Hack (maybe)
Deeps: Youko, Gannon, TK, Jeynsa, and probably Blue

We could easily roll through Firelands. Alternatively if everyone actually shows up and feels like it we could also probably do some of the second half of Dragon Soul. I'd probably prefer to kill fire dudes and get stick parts, but, hey, whatever works.

If any of you have already flaked out and made other plans, let us know so we know just how short we're going to be.

I'll do my best to have Youko and myself back from my hometown in time. Gotta go see my momma!!!

Oh, right. Mother's Day. I knew there was something, just couldn't remember what. Well, we might have the people to smash through some Firelands anyway, since it's not really all that difficult anymore except for Rag himself.